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Devon Dowsers have several different grades/categories of membership. To apply, please identify the Membership Category that applies to you from the list below. The category also gives the annual subscription rate which is due on 1st November. If you are joining after the 16th May in any year please apply the appropriate discount.

Subscriptions are due in November, but an initial reduction is available for those joining later in the subscription year.
25% if joining after 16th May
50% if joining after 1st August
75% if joining after 1st September

Individual membership = £18 per year.
Members receive written information, have free access to monthly meetings and may use the Devon Dowsers’ Library. They also have full voting rights.

Combined membership = £30 per year.
Any two persons at the same address (under 16’s included free). Will receive one set of written information, free access to monthly meetings and may use the Devon Dowsers’ Library. Both have voting rights and library cards. Family members over 16 years old have access to all information and free access to meetings, but no voting rights or library card.

Junior membership = £9 per year.
Junior members are under 16, have access to monthly meetings but hold no voting rights or library card.

Overseas/Distant membership = £12.
Receive postal voting right but have no library card.

Members do not pay for attending regular Group Meetings, may borrow books from the Library at no cost, and may bring Guests to a meeting for a small charge. Occasionally a special Speaker may be engaged or a special event organised, for which an additional fee may be required to cover extra costs.


An Application form is available on our website  (Click this link to view) and can be printed directly from your computer. Alternatively Application forms can be obtained at meetings or from the Membership Secretary, West Lutworthy Cottage, East Worlington, Crediton, EX17 4SW.

Please send your completed form, together with your cheque made out to DEVON DOWSERS, to the address above. Your e-mail address will only be used to send important messages such as last minute changes or additions to our programme, or general information we think you might be interested in.

Your application will be approved, but if for some reason your application is not accepted your payment will be refunded in full.


Records will be kept on a computer for internal use only and will never be given to any third party.

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Thinking Of Joining Devon Dowsers?

We always welcome new members, so please see our current programme (under 'About Devon Dowsers' above ) and then come to a meeting to check us out. If you want to know more, then also get in touch through our Contact Form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Discover Dowsing in Devon – First Workshop

Dowsing the Iron Age settlement of Berry Castle at Huntshaw will be the first of the “Discover Dowsing in Devon” Workshops and will take place on Saturday 24th June 2017. Places will be limited and further details will be posted soon. “Discover Dowsing in Devon” will be a series of on-site dowsing workshops run throughout the year and open to anyone interested in learning how to dowse archaeological sites; earth energies; ancient sites; or how to dowse for utilities and water. Workshops will be led by members of Devon Dowsers at different locations around Devon. They will be both informative and fun but could also leave you a little astonished at what you can discover by dowsing!

Gwynn Paulett - Chairman Devon Dowsers.