Devon Dowsers’ Council 2017/2018

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The following members were elected at the AGM on 28th November 2017

Gwynn Paulett            Chairman & Website Support

Alan Murray               Vice Chair & Magazine Editor

John Stedman            Treasurer

Diana Burton              Secretary, Website Support & Proof-reader

Julie Fitchett               Member & Shop & Sales

Steve Elliston               Member



Christine Robinson                        Membership Secretary

Bill Kenny                                         Webmaster

Soozie Fernley                                        Raffle

Trish Sampson & Jann Wirtz    Librarians

We still need a Speaker Bookings Secretary and Publicity Officer –

Can you help with these?   Plenty of support given.

Please use the Contact page on this website to get in touch with anyone or phone 01363 877352.

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Thinking Of Joining Devon Dowsers?

We always welcome new members, so please see our current programme (under 'About Devon Dowsers' above ) and then come to a meeting to check us out. If you want to know more, then also get in touch through our Contact Form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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21st Century Dowsing

Dowsing has been used for thousands of years to locate water and minerals beneath the earth’s surface. Today dowsing is used by utility companies, the police, armies, mining and oil companies as well as by some health professionals. The proof of dowsing is in its results. It is a quick and accurate way of searching for things or accessing information.

We know dowsing works but when it comes to testing it, what does not work is the one size fits all scientific methodology which appears unsuited to assess the subtleties of the subjective dowsing experience when there is no “need to know”. Scientific discoveries in the fields of consciousness, intent, and the interconnectedness of everything as well as new discoveries in the field of quantum exploration, may soon provide a theoretical basis for dowsing.

Meanwhile dowsers are called on to help with archaeology, water leaks, clearing houses of unwanted energies, the health and well-being of both humans and animals and to find lost things.

Gwynn Paulett - Chairman Devon Dowsers