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Our speaker for the 8th May 2018 has now been confirmed and will be Chris Hytch speaking on

Evidence for Past Lives, and How Dowsing Techniques Help in Verification

The presentation will cover the current evidence for reincarnation, as documented in the work of academics and researchers, and also in the world’s belief systems. The information will be conveyed in lively, summary form using Powerpoint and verbal anecdotes. The talk also includes an explanation and demonstration of how ‘hand dowsing’ is used for verification in ‘deep trance’ states when past lives are uncovered. Finally, examples of case studies of the speaker’s own, and others, past-life regression sessions will be given.

Chris Hytch is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and also a qualified practitioner of Past Life Regression and Therapy. He has been working in this field at centres in Birmingham and London for approximately 20 years and now runs his practice in North Cornwall. See www.chrishytch.wixsite.com/deepsoulhealing.



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21st Century Dowsing

Dowsing has been used for thousands of years to locate water and minerals beneath the earth’s surface. Today dowsing is used by utility companies, the police, armies, mining and oil companies as well as by some health professionals. The proof of dowsing is in its results. It is a quick and accurate way of searching for things or accessing information.

We know dowsing works but when it comes to testing it, what does not work is the one size fits all scientific methodology which appears unsuited to assess the subtleties of the subjective dowsing experience when there is no “need to know”. Scientific discoveries in the fields of consciousness, intent, and the interconnectedness of everything as well as new discoveries in the field of quantum exploration, may soon provide a theoretical basis for dowsing.

Meanwhile dowsers are called on to help with archaeology, water leaks, clearing houses of unwanted energies, the health and well-being of both humans and animals and to find lost things.

Gwynn Paulett - Chairman Devon Dowsers