Dowsing Earth Energies – Merrivale Sunday 3rd September

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The Merrivale complex is impressive with multiple stone and hut circles, rows, standing stones, cairns and cists dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Layers of later history can be seen nearby including tin mines, a warren and blowing house, as well as more modern pump house and quarry.

Dowsing, a form of ‘divining’, has been used for thousands of years for many different purposes including finding water, oil, archaeological remains, missing people as well energy lines and testing for allergies. Offered as part of Dartmoor Walking Festival, this day will be led by a long-time member of ‘Devon Dowsers’ and will specifically focus on finding earth energies using rods and pendulums. Together we’ll discover the beauty of the moor and explore the energy, age and use of these ancient sites.

Book via   or email or call 07817 329584

‘DARTMOOR’S DAUGHTER’ is a qualified Hill & Moorland Leader, and member of Moorland Guides. Private guiding also available for individuals, groups, teams, parties, etc

Somerset Dowsers /Peter Knight Outing 20.8.2017

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Somerset Dowsers Outing
 ‘Dartmoor’s Sacred Landscape’ with Peter Knight   Sunday 20th August 2017

Please email Jacquie at to let her know if you are intending on coming.She will let you have the itinerary for the day.

Devon Dowsers Admin Team


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Volunteers to help man the stand welcome.

Please get in touch via the Contact page on this website.

Venue: Pattiland Farm, Old Technology and Archaeology Festival, Broadwoodkelly, Winkleigh, Devon, EX19 8ED
Time – 11am to 5pm
Setting up time – 9.30am


From Exeter take the M5/A30 South Bound. Take the exit at Whiddon Down.
Follow the WINKLEIGH signs, and two miles south of Winkleigh take the BROADWOODKELLY turn at Shoresgate Cross.

Follow the lane SLOWLY for around 350 meters, turn left into Pattiland Farm.
Follow the driveway past the bungalow, bear around to the right and arrive in the yard of Pattiland Farm and you will be directed where to park.

From A377 at Morchard Road.
Take the A3124 Winkleigh road almost opposite the Devonshire Dumpling pub.
As you approach Winkleigh turn left to Broadwoodkelly. Continue down the lane until you reach Shoresgate Cross then turn right towards Broadwoodkelly and follow the directions above.

See: for information of what’s on.

The Admin Team



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Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July 2017 (main day)

Free to DD members. Guests and members of other Dowsing groups – £3.

We have been given permission to dowse in Glastonbury Abbey on Sunday 16th July at 10am. The discounted group entrance fee is £5.90.

All fees are payable on the day. Please have the correct money.

On this trip we propose to explore the earth energies of the Mary and Michael Lines as they weave their way around Glastonbury.

In order to do this we are also visiting the Chalice Well gardens (entrance fee £4.30 adult, £3.50 conc.), the White Spring, Glastonbury Tor and Wearyall Hill.

Make your own way there or car share.

As there is so much to see in one day some of us are going on the Saturday and staying over. There are campsites nearby, plenty of B&B’s, and even an ashram!

If you would like to join us please get in touch via the Contact page on this website.

The Admin Team


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24th JUNE 2017 from 11.00am – 4.00pm – £7.50 per person

Berry Castle Iron Age settlement at Huntshaw in North Devon is to be the first “Discover Dowsing in Devon” Workshop, which is open to all and an opportunity to learn how to dowse a settlement such as Berry Castle. Experienced members of Devon Dowsers will enable you to dowse using L rods and pendulums.

You will search for the hearths, walls, and entrances of round houses; where the forge, workshop and charcoal store was; the water sources in Iron Age days; where the leaders lived, and the nature of the ceremonial site, which will include dowsing for the earth energy lines, spirals and water courses.

Berry Castle has its own unique energy and spirit of place. If you wish to join us for what will be a special learning opportunity then book your place by emailing Diana Burton It will be on a “first come first served” basis.

A nominal charge of £7.50 p will be payable in cash on the day. Either bring your own L rods and pendulum or we can loan or sell you some on the day. Please bring your own lunch and water to drink.

Sturdy walking boots are a must, as the site is covered in tree stumps and some brambles.  Please check the weather and dress accordingly.

Gwynn Paulett – Chairman Devon Dowsers

International Dowsing Day 7th May 2017 – Visit To Cadbury Castle

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Devon Dowsers (last minute) visit to Cadbury Castle (the Devon one near Bickleigh!)

Nine of us turned up for this hastily arranged gathering, primarily to see how we could affect the Michael Line which runs right through the Iron Age fort in accord with Trencom Dowsers who were gathering down at Carn Les Boel in Cornwall and other groups for both the Michael and Mary Lines.

From Devon Dowsers we had: Gwynn, Diana, Joan, Michael, Soozie and Alan.

We had invited ‘dancers’ from the Dance Awake community so we could employ the potentially good and connecting energy of the Dance of the Directions. This dance emanates from the Cherokee of North America and basically is a dance that connects the dancer’s heart with the earth, sun and moon, and promotes peace and goodwill. Andrew Broadhead and Tracey attended from this community.

The ninth attendee was Richard Dealler, who is responsible for the Mary Michael Pilgrim’s Way guide books and pilgrimages, walks based appropriately on Hamish Miller’s findings of the two lines in The Sun and the Serpent!

We first plotted the centre line of Michael (with flags) which runs roughly WNW to ESE across the middle of the enclosure. We then plotted the two outside edges of the line at six different points roughly 10 metres apart.

We all sang the introduction to the Dance and then Tracey, Soozie and Alan did 9 rounds of the dance in the middle of the plotted part of the line whilst Andrew drummed the ‘heart beat’.

We then dowsed where the edges of the line had moved to, and found that the width of Michael measured at 6 points roughly 10 metres apart averaged 4.74 metres before we ‘performed’ and averaged 8.65 metres after the dance. This meant the line almost doubled in width on average.

What we didn’t have time to do was to measure the contraction rate of the line back to its original position – assuming it must contract again? Or whether it actually continued to expand for a while?

We also tried to measure the strength of the line before and after. None of us had any measuring scale so we just asked for a percentage which we thought would at least give us relative values. When dowsing we used the scale of 0% for zero energy and 100% for maximum energy. We found that the outside edges of the line were stronger than the centre at about 88%. This had increased tenfold after the dance! We are not sure what these strength findings mean, apart from there was a very large increase. And not sure how the percentage can go so far over the ‘maximum’? Our measurements are available if anyone wants to see them!

Other dowsing going on in this visit was Soozie communicating with the guardian dragon of the site, which various people claimed to have seen! Our very own Serpent? The dragon appeared to enjoy Soozie drumming the boundary of the fort, and the Dance of the Directions!

And Gwynn dowsed the location of a Roman offerings shaft/well from which archaeologists have extracted lots of offering items but apparently failed to log its exact position on the site! Maybe this is the mythical treasure that the dragon reputedly guards?

We will have to ask next year when we plan to return for IDD!

Alan Murray – 8 May 2017


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SUNDAY 7th MAY at 11am

Devon Dowsers will be celebrating International Dowsing Day this Sunday 7th May at Cadbury Castle which is signed off the A3072 between Crediton and Bickleigh/Tiverton.

The path up to the castle is about 1/2 mile off the A3072, past the church, and there is some parking in a lay-by shortly after a bend in the road – where the footpath starts.

It is about a 10 minute walk up to the castle.  I propose we all meet at the castle at 11am on the 7th.

Cadbury Castle is basically an Iron Age hillfort, with great views, that was later used by parliamentarian troops during the Civil War for the siege of Bickleigh Castle in 1644.

Local legend has it that a dragon guards treasure buried in the fort, and there are even highly dubious links with King Arthur (as at Glastonbury) and Camelot.

A third century Roman ritual shaft or well was found during excavations that was filled with stuff from a nearby Bronze Age Barrow, but its exact location has now been lost. I have never tried to find it, but might be worth a dowse while we are there.

But I have dowsed inside the fort for dead bodies and with others have sensed that there are several hundred civil war dead there. But as far as I can find there is no written record of such a loss!

The main thing for Sunday is that the Michael Line runs right through the fort!

Hope to see a few Devon Dowsers there on the day!

Alan Murray

Hamish Miller Celebration – The Michael And Mary Currents 7th May

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DD have received a message from Jill Moss who runs Trencom Dowsers in West Penwith, Cornwall, who asks if it can be circulated to all our members in case they are interested:-

 ‘Every May we celebrate International Dowsing Day and Hamish Miller’s birthday on the first/last node point of the Michael and Mary energy currents at the headland of Carn Lês Boel, near Land’s End. Apart from singing, chanting, drumming and a happy group picnic, the afternoon always includes dowsing and measuring the currents before and after our celebration – with fascinating results.

This year, on Sunday 7 May, I am planning a bigger event and I am hoping that any dowsers who could conveniently get to the Michael and/or Mary current, anywhere between us and Norfolk on that afternoon, could join us for an interesting dowsing experience.

If you are interested, please email me. Our focus each year is on harmony and goodwill along the currents as they pass around the globe.Please join us.

Best wishes,  * Jill Moss* (

Book Review – The Sun And The Serpent by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst

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I found this book absolutely brilliant! I am a novice dowser and this book was really informative. It explains all about the Michael and Mary Lines that run from Carn Les Boel in Cornwall to Hopton in Norfolk.

The authors describe their journey over a period of years, and make it a very interesting read. Also it made me want to visit the places they describe.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book.



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Sunday 16th July 2017

We have been given permission to dowse in Glastonbury Abbey on Sunday 16th July. The discounted group entrance fee is £5.90 (for 10 or more).

On this trip we propose to explore the earth energies of the Mary and Michael Lines as they weave their way around Glastonbury.

As well as the Abbey we plan to visit the Chalice Well gardens (entrance fee £4.30 adult, £3.50 conc.), the White Spring, Glastonbury Tor and Wearyall Hill.

As there is too much to see in one day some of us will be going on Saturday 15th and staying over. There are campsites nearby, plenty of B&B’s, and even an ashram!

Free to DD members. Guests and members of other Dowsing groups – £3. Make your own way there or car share.

There is a sheet at meetings to put your name down or send a message via the Contact page on this website. Full details of each day to follow later.

The Admin Team

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Dowsing has been used for thousands of years to locate water and minerals beneath the earth’s surface. Today dowsing is used by utility companies, the police, armies, mining and oil companies as well as by some health professionals. The proof of dowsing is in its results. It is a quick and accurate way of searching for things or accessing information.

We know dowsing works but when it comes to testing it, what does not work is the one size fits all scientific methodology which appears unsuited to assess the subtleties of the subjective dowsing experience when there is no “need to know”. Scientific discoveries in the fields of consciousness, intent, and the interconnectedness of everything as well as new discoveries in the field of quantum exploration, may soon provide a theoretical basis for dowsing.

Meanwhile dowsers are called on to help with archaeology, water leaks, clearing houses of unwanted energies, the health and well-being of both humans and animals and to find lost things.

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