NEW EVENT – Walk and Dowse East Okement River Valley Saturday 17th June

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A walk up the East Okement River Valley, near Okehampton.  Saturday 17th June. The walk starts at 10.30am or be there at 9.30am for breakfast. Bring a picnic for lunch if you like

This is a walk for adults only. Free to DD members who are welcome to bring Guests. The event is also open to other Dowsers. Charge for other dowsers and Guests is £3.

We will walk up the East Okement River valley, up part of the Tarka Trail and through West Cleave, a beautiful wooded area where there are waterfalls, and where we can commune with Nature Spirits and tree dowse.

From West Cleave you can return to the station which will be a 3 mile walk in total. If you would like to walk 6 miles in total, then the walk will continue to the Nine Maidens at Belstone Tor and return via the Tarka trail back down the Okement valley to the station.

The Railway Station café has refreshments for before and/or after plus toilets. More details to follow.

There will be a sheet at DD meetings to put your name down or contact us via the Contact page on this website.

Please note – This replaces our proposed trip to St. Michael’s Mount which had  to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

The Admin Team

Coldridge Fair 2016

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Coldridge was a “hot” ridge when five of us shared the Devon Dowsers stand at the annual fair on the 2nd July 2016. Sally had thoughtfully arranged a sturdy gazebo to shelter from the odd shower and the sun, which benefited both ourselves and her dance troop who were colourfully dancing inside the arena. Read more

Devon Dowsers Field Trip – To Scorhill with Jo, Sunday 10th July 2016

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How lovely to be at Scorhill again – one of my “spiritual homes”, and a place I have loved since I was Very Young! How lovely, too, to be there with Jo, who, living nearby, knows every inch of the site and the local moorland, and who led the walk for Devon Dowsers that day. Read more

Devon Dowsers at RHS Rosemoor, Sunday 22nd March 2015.

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Devon Dowsers at RHS Rosemoor

Picture by Paul Gerry


Devon Dowsers were out in force at RHS Rosemoor’s Survivalist weekend which was held in their stunning gardens. We were asked by the RHS to teach dowsing to members of the public and were busy for the whole day. Read more


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Sunday 22nd March – 10am to 4pm
Information Stand and Short Demonstrations
We will be having a stand at this event and showing
the public how to find water in order to survive.
 If you can help in any way, even for a short time,
you will be most welcome.
The Admin Team

Dowsing Help Needed Locally

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We have had two requests through the website this week for dowsing help in the  Honiton and Okehampton areas. One is for help with Earth Energies  (Honiton) and the other (Okehampton area) is for help with finding a clean water source for a borehole.

Could members of Devon Dowsers who might be able to help please contact Paul Gerry (Devon Dowsers Chairman) or Diana Burton (Devon Dowsers Membership Secretary)?

The Admin Team

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21st Century Dowsing

Dowsing has been used for thousands of years to locate water and minerals beneath the earth’s surface. Today dowsing is used by utility companies, the police, armies, mining and oil companies as well as by some health professionals. The proof of dowsing is in its results. It is a quick and accurate way of searching for things or accessing information.

We know dowsing works but when it comes to testing it, what does not work is the one size fits all scientific methodology which appears unsuited to assess the subtleties of the subjective dowsing experience when there is no “need to know”. Scientific discoveries in the fields of consciousness, intent, and the interconnectedness of everything as well as new discoveries in the field of quantum exploration, may soon provide a theoretical basis for dowsing.

Meanwhile dowsers are called on to help with archaeology, water leaks, clearing houses of unwanted energies, the health and well-being of both humans and animals and to find lost things.

Gwynn Paulett - Chairman Devon Dowsers