The Devon Dowsers’ Shop Price List

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Large       £20.00
Medium  £16.00
Small       £12.00

Bronze (4.80 mm) –  £12.00
Bronze  (3.20 mm)  – £9.00
Stainless Steel (3.20 mm) – £9.00

Bronze (4.80 mm) –  £ 9.50 / £7.50
Bronze (3.20 mm) –  £ 6.00
Stainless Steel  (3.20 mm) –  £ 6.00

Wooden – £5.50
Crystal – £9.00 / £8.50
Rose Quartz / Clear Quartz
Blue and Black Obsidian
Carnelian, Amethyst
Opal, Lapis Lazuli
Tiger’s Eye, Labrodite

Rose Quartz,
Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst – £10.00

BAGS  Black Velvet – 50p

MAGER ROSETTE    – £2.00

BOOK   Dowsing with wands –  £5.00          






The Mager Rosette Colour Wheel

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For centuries dowsers have been able to determine suitable places for sinking wells for water supply, to find minerals or the most propitious place to build a dwelling. Read more

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Discover Dowsing in Devon – First Workshop

Dowsing the Iron Age settlement of Berry Castle at Huntshaw will be the first of the “Discover Dowsing in Devon” Workshops and will take place on Saturday 24th June 2017. Places will be limited and further details will be posted soon. “Discover Dowsing in Devon” will be a series of on-site dowsing workshops run throughout the year and open to anyone interested in learning how to dowse archaeological sites; earth energies; ancient sites; or how to dowse for utilities and water. Workshops will be led by members of Devon Dowsers at different locations around Devon. They will be both informative and fun but could also leave you a little astonished at what you can discover by dowsing!

Gwynn Paulett - Chairman Devon Dowsers.