Can One Go Pokémon Dowsing!?

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OK – what connects the 17th Century Market Hall in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, a Pokémon Go! image and the 2016 World Of Music And Dance (WOMAD) festival? Answer – as ever, co-incidence. Read more

More on Berry Castle – A Report from Gwynn Paulett

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Amongst the crowd there were fourteen Devon Dowsers who attended the second opening of Berry Castle, the first being in 764 BC according to my dowsing. Back in those days there were probably a few trained hawks flying over the hill, rather than a 2016 AD drone we were asked to wave at so that we could see ourselves waving whilst watching You Tube on our iPhones at some later point. Read more

The Big Berry Wave

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Last week both Devon Dowsers and Tamar Dowsers attended the first Open Day held by the newly formed “Friends of Berry” group (FOB) in Huntshaw Woods near Torrington in North Devon.

In amongst the programme of guided tours of the Iron Age hill fort, enactment demo’s and other activities at 1pm we were all asked, both visitors and exhibitors alike, to line the perimeter mound for the “Big Berry Wave”

Click on the link below to see the result from Skyz Ink’s drone organised FOB and count us dowsers (the ones with their rods in their hands!) and also at about 1 min 48 sec into the video you should see some of the roundhouses we marked out.

Click here for the Video.

Richard Sears

The Fort in the (former) Forest – Archaeological Dowsing at Berry Castle

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The pine plantations overlooking Huntshaw Mill near Torrington are hardly comparable with the tropical rainforest. Yet, here in darkest north Devon, an ancient tranche of the built environment has recently reappeared – after a long period of abandonment and neglect. Read more

Remote Viewing And Map Dowsing Practice Resource

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Remote Viewing/Map Dowsing practice.

Please see this contact we have received from the USA. Devon Dowsers  has received this message from Lyn Buchanan of the USA and it is posted here for your interest and for practice purposes. Read more

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney – New Discoveries at Salt Knowe, 2001 – (Part 1)

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Ring of Brodgar, Orkney – New Discoveries at Salt Knowe, 2001 – (Part 1)


The largest of the Ring of Brodgar stones. You need to Double Click Twice For A Larger Image.

The largest of the Ring of Brodgar stones, approx 280 degs from centre of circle

Behind it – extreme right – is Salt Knowe, one of the burial (or ceremonial) mounds

that surround the circle. The mountains of Hoy are on the horizon. Read more

Aphrodite In The Hebrides

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 I had this mad idea last year (another one!) of travelling in my camper van – known as Aphrodite – the length and breadth of Britain in order to visit Callanish Stone Circle on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. I sometimes get these notions, but the feeling to go to Callanish was so strong, I was unable to resist it. Read more

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Discover Dowsing in Devon – First Workshop

Dowsing the Iron Age settlement of Berry Castle at Huntshaw will be the first of the “Discover Dowsing in Devon” Workshops and will take place on Saturday 24th June 2017. Places will be limited and further details will be posted soon. “Discover Dowsing in Devon” will be a series of on-site dowsing workshops run throughout the year and open to anyone interested in learning how to dowse archaeological sites; earth energies; ancient sites; or how to dowse for utilities and water. Workshops will be led by members of Devon Dowsers at different locations around Devon. They will be both informative and fun but could also leave you a little astonished at what you can discover by dowsing!

Gwynn Paulett - Chairman Devon Dowsers.