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DD-DD Group Totnes
Free for Devon Dowsers’ members only, our new members benefit for 2020
This Saturday 1st February is our first Devon Dowsers Dowsing Development Group and the first Saturday of every month going forwards

10am to 12pm
Royal Seven Stars, Totnes
Buy your drink at the bar and meet us in the Library Room.

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Led by Gwynn Paulett
Our next Introduction to Dowsing Course will be held at the Village Hall, Spreyton on Sunday 29th March 2020 starting at 10am for a 10.30am start until around 4.15pm.
Members of Devon Dowsers £30, non-members £45 which includes a free membership until 31st October. The earlier you book the earlier your membership will start and you will be able to take advantage of ‘members only’ events.
Refreshments during the day are included but please bring your own lunch.
Plenty of free parking.
Bring your own rods or a pendulum, or you can buy or borrow them on the day.
For more details and to book a place .

Sunday 16th February afternoon talk at Ashburton

“Bird Medicine – intuitive listening and wisdom from Birds of Prey”
Dr Karen Stead – Dexter
Ashburton Town Hall
2.00 pm Sunday 16th February 2020.

This will be an awe-inspiring experience which will make your heart soar! 4 or 5 Birds of Prey will bring their Medicine, which members of the audience will be invited by Karen to resonate with, by tuning into their “felt sense”. Karen will talk about the physical aspects of each bird, whilst asking questions for the audience to respond to.
Feather Medicine and its meaning and use for diagnosis and healing, will also be explored, so please BRING ALONG your favourite feather. There will be many chances for the audience to participate during the afternoon.

Karen Stead-Dexter PhD is a Medicine Woman, Teacher, Environmentalist and Bird Whisperer. Academic work and Spiritual work, for a long time, were always kept separate but for Karen something was missing. Having spent the majority of her academic career learning the damage ‘we’ have done to the planet, the need to explore ancient ways of understanding our relationship with the Earth led her in to learn more of the ways of the Shaman. Karen now has a strong understanding of ancient healing modalities, bringing in Shamanic traditions of North America, South America and Celtic Shamanism. She runs a popular clinic in Somerset for Energy Healing, and runs regular Shamanic workshops in Energy Healing, Bird Spirit Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine connecting people back to nature, back to who they really are and gets them to truly listen to the world around them.
1st class Honours degree in Environmental Science Masters in Radiation & Environmental Protection PhD Environmental Geochemistry Post-Doctoral Ecotoxicology

Talk in February

A talk by Amanda Peet
Emotional Dowsing Techniques (EDT)

Tuesday 11th February 2020 7.30p.m Red Lion, East Street, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7DD

Join Amanda to hear about Emotional Dowsing Techniques (EDT).
Amanda has been a Dowser and an EFT Practitioner for over 10 years and for the past 4/5 years she has developed EDT. Whilst working with clients for all kinds of issues, Amanda found that by dowsing to see what emotions and core beliefs are stuck or blocked the sessions were much more powerful and got to the root in a much kinder way than the client having to explain all the life events that had got them to this stage.
Emotional Dowsing Techniques uses a mixture of words and dowsing to identify and clear emotions and core beliefs. Core beliefs that may be limiting you and keeping you stuck.
Words put it there so naturally words can take it away.
Amanda teaches dowsing to newbies and also teaches EDT to new and experienced dowsers either face to face or through her online course, “The Dowsing Programme” (An accredited CPD course).

Amanda Peet lives in Exmouth, Devon. Amanda is a professional dowser and teaches EDT. Amanda is the founder of Emotional Dowsing Techniques (EDT) which deals with emotions and core beliefs, accessing what is stuck and no longer needed in our subconscious mind and releasing it kindly and easily.

Amanda’s background prior to 2009 was very much corporate working in many different roles across charities, events, business development and organising large trade exhibitions at The NEC and Earls Court.

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From 1st January 2020 fees for Courses and Workshops run by Devon Dowsers will be £30 for members of DD and £45 for non-members.
The £45 charge for non-members will include a membership subscription which will run from the date payment is received by the Treasurer until the end of the current membership year – 31st October. So the earlier you book and pay, the earlier your membership will start.
For Courses and Workshops held in September and October the subscription will run until 31st October the following year.
There will be no increase for non-members for the series of Sean Ferris workshops currently running.
Devon Dowsers Council.

Next Weeks Talk 14th January 2020

Mary and Michael Pilgrimage
Kay Caldwell and Anne Jones
7.30pm Tuesday 14th January 2020.
Red Lion, East Street, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7DD

Kay Caldwell and Anne Jones, members of Devon Dowsers, will be sharing their photos and telling the inspiring story of their pilgrimage along the Michael and Mary Earth Energy Currents, from Carn Lês Boel in Cornwall to Hopton on Sea in Norfolk

Kay and her husband, Joe, moved from Glasgow to Devon in 2011 – ‘for a gap year’, as they told their friends. That gap year got longer and longer and they never returned to Scotland, choosing instead to settle first in Spreyton and then in North Tawton, close to Kay’s daughter and son-in-law who run an organic farm breeding geese and Devon Red Ruby cattle. Kay is in semi-retirement, working now as a free-lance editor after a career in social enterprise and voluntary sector funding.

Anne, though not a native of Devon, has lived here for nearly 30 years. She migrated here from London and loves Dartmoor and its richness of Neolithic sites. She enjoys walking, particularly long distance footpaths, and amongst her favourites is the SW Coastal path. When Kay suggested they walk the route of the Michael Mary line she was enthusiastic, having had read the Sun and Serpent, introduced to her by her husband and wanting to explore it further.

Their talk traces their journey along the Mary Michael Pilgrimage route, highlighting some of the more interesting features they found along the way, and describing the impact that the journey had on them. They say that audience participation is positively encouraged….and might even be necessary!

Free to Devon Dowsers Members
£5 to Non-members


We wish all our Members, and their families, a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2020.


The Devon Dowsers Council

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Dowsing is a means of searching, not using our normal senses, and can be done on site as well as remotely (e.g. map and information dowsing). It is an ethical activity used for the greater good. Devon Dowsers welcomes those who have a fascination for this ancient art, and who wish to share their experiences with other open-minded members.

We always welcome new members, so please see our current programme  and come to a meeting to check us out. To learn more,  get in touch through our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.






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The new dates for DFEST are 12th/13th June 2021. Please put these dates into next year’s calendar. We have booked the Victory Hall, South Zeal for our venue on these dates, and the programme and meal arrangements will remain the same, all things being equal.

If there continue to be social restrictions in 2021, apart from another ‘lockdown’, we are committed to creating a way to share our common Dowsing interests whilst staying safe.


Staying safe. Putting love and protection out there for NHS staff, shop staff and all other key workers.

Being realistic and optimistic. By dowsing we can help ourselves and others. We need to optimise the performance of our immune system, remove stressors.

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