International Dowsing Day 2019 at Cadbury Castle near Crediton

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In line with other dowsing groups in the south west, on 5 May 2019 Devon Dowsers celebrated hill tops, the BSD theme of ‘Working with Trees’ and the Michael Earth Energy Line.

Cadbury Castle is an Iron Age Hill Fort, with clearly visible defensive earth ramparts covered in bluebells, and great views! It may have been used by the Saxons as a ‘moot’ meeting place and was later occupied by parliamentarian troops during the Civil War for the siege of Bickleigh Castle in 1644. Local legend has it that a dragon guards treasure buried in the fort!

A third-century Roman ritual shaft or well was found during excavation, filled with stuff from a nearby Bronze Age Barrow, but its exact location has now been lost.

The Michael Earth Energy Line passes right across the site. The Michael Ley Line, around which Michael and Mary energy lines twist like serpents, is in direct alignment with the rising sun at Beltane, at the beginning of May.

Leader and Devon Dowsers Vice Chairman Alan Murray writes:

‘DEVON DOWSERS International Dowsing Day 5 May 2019: A Celebration at Cadbury Castle

A happy band of 14 of gathered on a surprisingly chilly Cadbury Castle to celebrate International Dowsing Day – and Hamish Miller’s birthday.

The main focus of the day was to plot the centerline and width of the Michael Line which runs across the top of this Iron Age hillfort. We then sang and danced on the line and then re-plotted where the edges of the Michael Line were and found that the line had expanded around where we had danced from around 6 metres to a massive 21 metres in width! We were aware that other dowsing groups such as Trencom Dowsers were working on the line too and that the apparent beneficial effect on Michael was a joint effort!

After picnicking amongst (and some dowsing the auras of) the bluebells, we then split up to find the Roman ‘treasure’ well, talk to the resident dragons (there are four, some 7000 years old!), find pictograms and healing spots, locate elementals, commune with the trees and dowse for history on the hill.

A bonus for us was the appearance of Richard Dealler who researched and developed the Mary Michael Pilgrims’ Way pilgrimage route following the Mary and Michael lines based on Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst’s book ‘The Sun and the Serpent’.

Cadbury is a very special place with its bluebell covered ramparts, circle of fine trees and astounding views across to Dartmoor and Exmoor. We will return!’

With grateful thanks to Stuart Dow for his amazing photos.


And the following photos are from Alan Murray, Vice Chairman, who led the day.



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We can look back to last June’s sunshine and reflect on the success of DFest, the first South West Dowsing Festival. Over 100 people attended and used the evaluation form to share how much they had enjoyed the weekend. It was a chance to dowse at some of Dartmoor’s iconic sites, to listen to engaging speakers, and to attend fascinating Dowsing Workshops.

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