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 Zoom Talk by Jane Struthers 

2.00 pm Sunday 12th September 2021

Taking an Astrological Path through Life


 Your birth chart is a snapshot of the solar system at the moment you were born. It’s an astrological blueprint of your character, describing many facets of your personality including the way you express yourself mentally and emotionally, what makes you happy and what motivates you to get ahead in life. Astrology is also a guide to your future, highlighting opportunities and joyful events as well as times of change and challenge. It’s both a fascinating art and a science, and in this talk Jane Struthers introduces you to the concept of astrology, the twelve signs of the zodiac and the role of the planets in our lives. She also explains how dowsing can be used in conjunction with astrology.

Jane Struthers has studied and practised astrology for most of her life, having first discovered it in her teens. She finds it an invaluable guide to what makes people tick, shining a light on the contradictions that are in all of us. Jane has taught astrology, written several books about it and gives astrology readings to clients. She is the author of over thirty non-fiction books on a wide range of topics and also works as a homoeopath.

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