Personal Space Clearing

 A zoom presentation by Joey Korn

to the Thames Valley, Devon, Somerset,

Tamar and Trencrom dowsing groups

Written by Nigel Twinn

Joey Korn has been one of the stalwarts of the international dowsing community for more than a generation.

His first efforts at clearing unwanted energies from homes led him to find ‘columns’ of detriment located in bathrooms and closets, which subsequently spread to other areas of the places where people lived.   While he was able to develop the ability to deal with these, he realised he was only treating the symptoms and, in a similar way to other like-minded house healers, he found that the original problem tended to recur over time.

However, around 20 years ago, and as part of his house healing work, he started to appreciate that certain defined and repeated energy patterns could be found in the places where people slept – and he therefore dubbed them bed patterns.  The patterns themselves appeared to be quite harmless, and seemed to gradually develop throughout the life of an individual.  However, in certain situations – such as when the client was suffering from trauma, stress or anger – detrimental earth energy appeared to leak into the bed pattern, possibly through the interconnection between the matrices in the sleeping places and geologically-based earth energy grids, such as those found by Hartmann and Curry, which form part of the textbook compendium of earth energy features dowsed by most specialists in that field.

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