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What do you think stops us from connecting with the universe to discover our own answers instead of relying on outside sources?

Have you ever had a dream that later came true and is it possible to explain it with science?

Have you ever had that experience where you’re thinking of someone and then they call?

And are those coincidences?

OR could it be that EVERY HUMAN ALIVE has the ability to tap into intuition?

Science is finally catching up with what mystics have known for thousands of years.

Our friend Danny Blitz made it her mission over the last 2 years to find out.

Danny has managed to interview some of the world’s leading consciousness experts and created a brand new 10-episode docuseries that addresses what SCIENTISTS, DOCTORS, and other SPECIALISTS are discovering about our INTUITIVE abilities.

It turns out that Governments and corporations have been harnessing the power of intuition for years, dismissing the innate power of the individual.

superpower starts this Tuesday 6th April. I’ve had a chance to preview the content and it’s EXCELLENT!

Simply click the image below or the orange button to view the trailer. I think you’ll love it!

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Just like Time of the Sixth Sun Series, you can enjoy all the content for free over 10 days from Tuesday 6th April.

Should you then choose to have ongoing access that will be available to purchase the series and we’ll be gifted a share of the revenue in reciprocity for sharing it with you. So it’s a win, win, win. 🙂

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Exec Producer
Time of the Sixth Sun


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