Swan Circle

When I was a young child my parents rented a derelict old cottage in the centre of Dartmoor which we used to visit whenever we had free time. It was in a spectacular location, deserted and wild, with the river Swincombe flowing past four hundred yards to the north. I found joy and a sense of belonging there on the moors; there was always something new to explore, something exciting to do, something unusually beautiful to discover.

There on the wild and sometimes dangerous moors I experienced stone circles and standing stones for the first time. They affected me deeply, and helped to transport a young child with a lively imagination to strange yet safe worlds of beauty and rapture. All my loneliness and feelings of separation would dissolve in the sacred silence that hovered close and my spirit would fly free into the deep blue summer skies.

As I grew older, I realised that most of the people I met were sad, somehow separated from the happiness that I knew was our natural, potential state of being. I remembered my experiences as a child among the magic stones on the moors and wished I could recreate those wonderful healing atmospheres for everyone. I knew that, one day, I would build stone circles. I believed that they would be far more effective near centres of population where their energies would irradiate large numbers of people at once. One day, I promised myself, the opportunity would present itself to make these magical, healing places on the land……………. to continue reading click here Stone Circles I have built by Ivan McBeth


A reminder that we are meeting on Zoom on 8th April with Emma Cunis, our homework was to dowse a nearby ancient/sacred site. If you have not been able to get out and about yet, you may like to give map dowsing a go and ask the same questions that you would if you were dowsing on site.   

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