Lockdown Projects and a new Chief Gardener by Noel Squibb

Around 12 years ago I was guided to purchase a few acres of contaminated land that was the result of mining for Barytes.

Barytes is a heavy metal/mineral that is generally ground into a powder and used for drilling mud, a heavy liquid that stops the hole collapsing as it is deepened, keeps the oil and gas down and floats the drillings to the surface. For me the bonus is that the Crystal is good for Astral Journeying / OBE – https://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/baryte.html .

My mission is to heal the land on which nothing grows and to bring life back to it.  Over time I have been introduced to a team of unseen helpers and am truly astonished at what I can and have singlehandedly achieved and with no resistance from neighbours or authority, who are aware of what I do ………..

An ancient Oak Forest by a lake is the vision for the mine 100 years from now.

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‘Bird Spirit Medicine’ with Dr Karen Stead-Dexter on ‘Zoom’

On reflection, which bird do we find we have a resonance with? Have we had an ‘encounter’ with a bird that felt spiritually significant? Karen’s invitation was to tune into what she calls the ‘felt sense’ of that bird.

As we shared our experiences with Karen in her first Zoom Meeting, which included owls, buzzards, the robin, pigeons, ravens, crows and many more, she in turn gave us her insights into their spiritual symbolism and why they appeared to us at the time in our lives that they did, and what messages they were giving us if we were open to receiving them.

Following this fascinating Zoom Meeting, Karen set us some Bird Spirit Medicine -Dowsing Homework giving two weeks in which to complete it before her next Zoom Meeting.

The Homework stories members and their friends shared were truly inspiring at the second Bird Spirit Medicine Zoom Meeting. Having dowsed to see where we would receive the wisdom of a particular bird and asking ‘What is the Bird Spirit Medicine/teaching I need today?’ we set off on our walks with note book in hand and lots more questions to ask. For confirmation of the Bird Spirit Messenger we needed to maintain an awareness of other signs which would show us that the teachings were meant for us.

Here are some examples of the birds experienced and their Medicine:

Woodpeckers help us ‘to feel the beat of mother earth’. The sparrow hawk with its amazing ability to fly through most environments, demonstrates how to ‘strike through any difficulties or obstacles in life’, how to ground ourselves and the importance of ‘seeing clearly’. Jackdaw shows us how ‘to be joyful and playful in life’, and the small, loud, powerful, cunning little wren gatekeeps the land, whilst the heron shows us patience, to wait to see ‘what comes up in life’, and ‘to let things unravel’.

A familiar walk by the river through the woods was shared with Karen, and experienced with new eyes when walking with the intent to connect with mother nature.  Karen provided us with insights into the deep connection with nature we can experience as well as the healing available, having set our intention to connect. She emphasised once again the importance of going with the ‘felt sense’ and warned us not to always expect the messages to come ‘straight’, because we needed  ‘to do the work for nature to make her profound healing available’.

The Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing, is a way of allowing ourselves to deeply connect with the forest and its healing. Karen runs workshops of Shirin Yoku which can be accessed through her website https://ka8938.wixsite.com/kingfisherhealing/shinrin-yoku

This was a magical evening led by Karen, and co-created with Devon Dowsers members and friends who shared their stories. Grateful thanks to Karen and all those who attended the two Zoom Meetings and completed her Homework with such amazing results.

Gwynn Paulett, July 2020.


Map Dowsing – A different way and at an Enlarged Scale! By Richard Sears

Map Dowsing – A different way and at an Enlarged Scale!

About 6 or 7 years ago I was phoned by a lady who lived out on Exmoor asking if I could help with problems she was having at her property. She lived in an isolated position with no near neighbours and her young family was experiencing disturbed nights. Her 7 year old was frequently waking up screaming and frightened, while at other times she and her husband could hear crunching noises outside on the narrow gravel pathway that surrounded the bungalow. But each time on being woken by this they would race outside expecting to catch someone – but  there was never anything or anyone!

I agreed to go out there, but with a friend, to meet the family. To say it was secluded was an understatement! It was a good 40 minutes’ drive out of Barnstaple and most of that time seemed to be spent on the last 10 miles of tiny wiggly (luckily metalled!) roads with high Devon hedge banks.

On arrival the lady showed me around the bungalow and garden, and I also met her husband who had taken time off work. The property fronted onto the road and I could see there was a secure 2 metre fence around the property which adjoined fields on the other 3 sides. The small gravel path around the bungalow was about 600mm wide, and they explained after hearing noises they had replaced the old wooden gate onto the road with high metal gates…..but still, ‘something,’ was happening 2 or 3 times a week. When they went into their 7 year old’s bedroom at night they could feel a presence, and also several times during the day they thought they had seen someone in the woodshed at the end of the garden. (In fact the kids refused to go in there).

I got my rods out and quickly found a strong energy line running diagonally through the bungalow. It crossed the roadway about 50m from the property and went through the garden and bungalow at about 45⁰ and out through the other side, then off into the fields. I had a definite sense entities were travelling along it and inside, the line was very strong at the back of the hallway where it passed through the wall to the little one’s bedroom. That room in fact had little sunlight by day and dowsing only confirmed my feelings that a heavy presence often frequented this space, attracted by the child, although it meant no harm. Outside the garden was clear, except in the log shed which was at the end of the garden but off the line.

Clearly the family were terrified at night and it was badly affecting all of them, especially the kids at school. In the field at the end of the garden was a large tree and I resolved to move the line if possible around the property beyond the tree.

Knowing there are often benign spirits living deep in the ground on energy lines, and it is their home too, I first asked permission to move the line. Also in town it is not always the answer to move a detrimental line away from one house into someone else’s space giving them the problem, although that wouldn’t have been the case here. Happily I was given the okay to move it to where I wanted.

Over many years at Devon Dowsers we’ve had speakers telling us how they move lines. Some of the older dowsers would drive iron bars into the ground, either side of a property to ‘ark’ the line around. Indeed some could move the water lines beneath and change their direction by tapping the iron spikes a certain number of times (to redirect water to a dry well for instance), and others would bury crystals in the ground.

But I was most impressed by the Bristol dowser Nick Leach who made things much easier by just using his ‘intent’! He explained on a flip chart by briefly drawing a plan of a typical property and a line crossing it, then with two strokes of the pen he put two cuts, or stop ends on the line, and then drew a black line from one stop-end point around the property to the other…… and job done. Of course in practise he would be putting his intent into it.

So having asked permission, I did the same and after a welcome mug of tea I bade farewell to the occupants – who hopefully were not too bemused!

I did of course ring after a few days, and subsequent weeks, to check if all was well and the lady confirmed all the problems had stopped. However after a month I felt I should visit again and check the line hadn’t moved back, but as it was quite a trek out there (and easy to get lost with my satnav trying to direct me into a field to nowhere!) I thought about maybe doing some Map Dowsing.

Now the main problem for me is that I hate fiddling around with a pendulum on A4 sheets of paper and trying to mark down lines etc.………….and the main purpose of this article, and the long preamble above, is to describe what I tried next – a sort of a variation on map dowsing.

I was up my garden thinking about this, and lying around were several steel road pins (picked up from my many years of being involved with roadworks – to hold up orange netting etc.).      I picked out 4 like the one shown alongside here and planted them in the lawn – to represent the four corners of the property on Exmoor.

I had an idea I could ‘draw out’ the plan in my garden – instead of on a fiddly piece of paper – and then using my rods ‘walk the line’ to check if it went round the end and not through the middle. To my surprise (I was relieved really!) the rods walked me up to my block of land (measuring about 4m by 6m on the diagonal), and then rather than crossing the imaginary line between steel pins they led me round my imaginary block of land to the left, around my imaginary tree at the end, and then joined up back where the energy line would have been and then off harmlessly across the fields.

Needless to say I was happy with this result and for the next 6 weeks went up with my rods once a week to check all was well until the onset of winter weather…….whereupon I’m afraid to say I lost interest.

Christmas came as did family gatherings and I think it wasn’t until New Year’s Day after far too much food I ventured up to the end of the garden ………. and the road pins were still there.  So I thought ‘oh I can check on those’ and went inside to get my rods – but, to my horror on walking up the line to my imaginary oblong, the line passed right through – and having a mental picture of where the bungalow was (a third of the way up the garden in the block) it passed slap bang through where it used to be!

The line had snapped back! Why I didn’t know, whether it had done so on the turn of the year or earlier I just didn’t know. But none the less I mentally and with intent put it back so it was around the outside and then did several ‘walk throughs’ each day to check it. After about 3 or 4 days I again rang the lady. She explained problems had returned before Christmas but she didn’t want to ring and pester me. But strangely, just 3 or 4 days ago she said things had all stopped again and all was quiet.  I was very happy.  Shortly after that the family moved and so I haven’t heard anything since.

Above is a plan of the property with the before and after lines drawn out. This is the first time (for this article) that I’ve actually drawn it out on paper.

So my conclusion, for people like me not adept at map dowsing on paper, why not take Canterbury Cathedral or Hadrian’s Wall or anywhere else, mark it in your garden or a local park, and dowse it with your rods – at any scale that’s convenient!   …………………  Happy Dowsing!                                                          Richard Sears – May 2020

DFEST 2021 NEW DATES & Links to Online U.S West Coast Dowsing Conference


The new dates for DFEST are 12th/13th June 2021. Please put these dates into next year’s calendar. We have booked the Victory Hall, South Zeal for our venue on these dates, and the programme and meal arrangements will remain the same, all things being equal.

If there continue to be social restrictions in 2021, apart from another ‘lockdown’, we are committed to creating a way to share our common Dowsing interests whilst staying safe.

Online U.S West Coast Dowsing Conference 3rd – 7th July 2020 ( two days of talks remaining) 

Its FREE to join  http://www.dowserswestcoast.org/

Here are some links for more information

Speakers links for Attendees

Presentation Previews


DFEST 2020

DFEST 2020 will NOT take place in September 2020 as we had hoped. The Planning Group regret making this decision but given the number of imponderables caused by Covid 19, we felt we had little option. We intend keeping the present programme and timing in June for 2021 but we will also plan alternative programmes that could accommodate any constraints on meeting together, as well as any concerns those wishing to attend may have. Thank you for your understanding

‘Fraying at the Margins/The Idea of Dowsing’ by Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn

This is the title of a new Dowsing book written by Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn. We suggest you get your hands on a copy as soon as possible, and details of how to do this can be found below.

Parachutes work much better when open. Similarly, being open minded considerably enhances ones ability to accurately dowse. This book is guaranteed to challenge your thinking and perception of many aspects of dowsing.

From the book’s back cover:

‘The ancient craft of finding water by using a divining rod is an unlikely place to start a quest for the nature of reality. Here, Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn do just that!

How could – indeed, why should – dowsing enable us to find information about virtually anything, seemingly regardless of time and space?

Once we realise that life as we know it is just a ripple on the surface of a vast ocean of ‘information’, just about anything becomes possible.’

The authors:


Bill Keeny is a retired academic with a special interest in psychiatry. He was a member of Devon Dowsers for many years and created and ran the Devon Dowsers website.





Nigel has also been a member of Devon Dowsers for years and has led the Tamar Dowsers for around twenty years and is a long standing member of the British Society of Dowsers who awarded him the Bell Award for Dowsing literature in 2008 and 2018, having had four other dowsing related books published.




by Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn

Available from Nigel Twinn at:

[email protected]

or by mail from:

Heather View, Bolt House Close,

Tavistock, Devon UK PL19 8LN


Paperback version purchased in person £4.50

Paperback version sent by Royal Mail £7.00 (inc. P&P to UK addresses)

‘Free’ PDF file with digital honesty box

Suggested payment of between £1 and £5

(£3 appreciated)

Details of where to send you money will be forwarded with the file. All income from the digital sales will be donated to The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington, North Devon, which will be struggling to keep afloat due to the coronavirus lockdown. This book evolved during many meetings at the Plough cafe.

Please state if you would prefer a paperback or digital copy of the book (or both!) – and if you would like a paperback, please remember to include your address.




Noel Squibb shares his experience of creating a labyrinth.

Creating A Labyrinth by Noel Squibb

Inspired by Ali Denham’s story and prompted further by the invitation to share any experiences regarding creating a labyrinth, I offer the following –

After leading a fairly ‘normal’ life for many years, I found myself with kids grown up, single, living in a small shed on an old abandoned mine on the edge of Dartmoor.

It was my time to go inwards and learn to connect to the unseen world and to try to make sense of the reality we experience………..

 To continue reading click here for Noels Labyrinth Report



We always love to hear about your dowsing adventures, please send them via email to [email protected]



Devon Dowsers Are Still Meeting Up.

We are still meeting up with other members of Devon Dowsers; due to the restrictions we have our get togethers over Zoom, you are able to join us from all over the world.

There is at least one get together every week, these are held at different times and days throughout the month. We have three Dowsing development groups that meet on a virtual platform where we talk about our own dowsing experiences, its a place to ask questions and a chance to broaden our own knowledge. There is the option if you don’t wish to talk and share, to listen.  You can join by phone if your internet connection is not so great. If you need any help and support to join the online sessions we are only too happy to assist.

Once a month there is a coffee morning social get together, for a Zoom Cuppa Catch Up, giving members the opportunity to natter and connect with each other.

Tomorrow evening we welcome our first virtual guest speaker Dr. Karen Stead-Dexter who will introduce us to  ‘Bird Spirit Medicine’ followed by members sharing any bird they have had a connection with in their life. Karen will explore their symbolism and messages.

If you would like to join a group of friendly dowsers who enjoy getting together despite the restrictions, please visit our membership page where you are welcome to become part of an amazing supportive community. Wherever you are on your dowsing journey if you are just starting out or have been dowsing for a while, you are all welcome.    Click here to become a member

We have a Devon Dowsers Facebook Page where you can follow us. Devon Dowsers on Facebook

There is also a Members of Devon Dowsers Facebook Group where subscribed members can share their dowsing experiences and interact with other group members.

Happy Dowsing.




DIY Labyrinth Building During Lockdown

‘Lockdown’s Socially Isolated DIY Labyrinth Building’ by Devon Dowsers

The planned Labyrinth Building Workshop on Dawlish Warren beach did not comply with Government Guidance so members were asked to create DIY Labyrinths of any design, and make a record of their creation so they could be collected together. Enjoy the result which you can see below:


‘Make your own Labyrinth this year’ he said. Okay, where? ‘Anywhere – on paper, on your lawn, on the beach, anywhere’ he said. Okay, what with? ‘A pen, sawdust, a hoe, string, sand’ he said………….to continue reading with more details of the individual Labyrinths made CLICK HERE

Summer Solstice 2020

Due to the restrictions this year, if you are unable to go out on the Summer Solstice, enjoy the celebration courtesy of English Heritage from the comfort of your own home. (see link below)

Devon Dowsers Trip to Stonehenge 2019

If you do venture out and would like to share your solstice images of sunrise or sunset with Devon Dowsers  please email them to [email protected]


See the source image


We can’t welcome you in person this year because of the measures in place to combat coronavirus – but our live coverage of sunset and sunrise at Stonehenge means you won’t miss a moment of this special occasion. Our cameras will capture the best views of Stonehenge, allowing you to connect with this spiritual place from the comfort of your own home. The events will be streamed LIVE across our YouTubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram channels. Sign up now and schedule them into your diary:

  • Saturday, June 20, 2020
    9:26 PM
  • Sunday, June 21, 2020
    4:52 AM

NOTE : Please, to help keep everyone safe, do NOT travel to Stonehenge to visit or for Summer Solstice this year. We hope to be able to reopen in early July, and look forward to welcoming you in person when we do. Please check the Stonehenge page for the latest information on reopening.

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We always welcome new members, so please see our current programme  and come to a meeting to check us out. To learn more,  get in touch through our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.






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The new dates for DFEST are 12th/13th June 2021. Please put these dates into next year’s calendar. We have booked the Victory Hall, South Zeal for our venue on these dates, and the programme and meal arrangements will remain the same, all things being equal.

If there continue to be social restrictions in 2021, apart from another ‘lockdown’, we are committed to creating a way to share our common Dowsing interests whilst staying safe.


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