‘Fraying at the Margins/The Idea of Dowsing’ by Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn

This is the title of a new Dowsing book written by Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn. We suggest you get your hands on a copy as soon as possible, and details of how to do this can be found below.

Parachutes work much better when open. Similarly, being open minded considerably enhances ones ability to accurately dowse. This book is guaranteed to challenge your thinking and perception of many aspects of dowsing.

From the book’s back cover:

‘The ancient craft of finding water by using a divining rod is an unlikely place to start a quest for the nature of reality. Here, Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn do just that!

How could – indeed, why should – dowsing enable us to find information about virtually anything, seemingly regardless of time and space?

Once we realise that life as we know it is just a ripple on the surface of a vast ocean of ‘information’, just about anything becomes possible.’

The authors:


Bill Keeny is a retired academic with a special interest in psychiatry. He was a member of Devon Dowsers for many years and created and ran the Devon Dowsers website.





Nigel has also been a member of Devon Dowsers for years and has led the Tamar Dowsers for around twenty years and is a long standing member of the British Society of Dowsers who awarded him the Bell Award for Dowsing literature in 2008 and 2018, having had four other dowsing related books published.




by Bill Kenny and Nigel Twinn

Available from Nigel Twinn at:

[email protected]

or by mail from:

Heather View, Bolt House Close,

Tavistock, Devon UK PL19 8LN


Paperback version purchased in person £4.50

Paperback version sent by Royal Mail £7.00 (inc. P&P to UK addresses)

‘Free’ PDF file with digital honesty box

Suggested payment of between £1 and £5

(£3 appreciated)

Details of where to send you money will be forwarded with the file. All income from the digital sales will be donated to The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington, North Devon, which will be struggling to keep afloat due to the coronavirus lockdown. This book evolved during many meetings at the Plough cafe.

Please state if you would prefer a paperback or digital copy of the book (or both!) – and if you would like a paperback, please remember to include your address.




Noel Squibb shares his experience of creating a labyrinth.

Creating A Labyrinth by Noel Squibb

Inspired by Ali Denham’s story and prompted further by the invitation to share any experiences regarding creating a labyrinth, I offer the following –

After leading a fairly ‘normal’ life for many years, I found myself with kids grown up, single, living in a small shed on an old abandoned mine on the edge of Dartmoor.

It was my time to go inwards and learn to connect to the unseen world and to try to make sense of the reality we experience………..

 To continue reading click here for Noels Labyrinth Report



We always love to hear about your dowsing adventures, please send them via email to [email protected]



Devon Dowsers Are Still Meeting Up.

We are still meeting up with other members of Devon Dowsers; due to the restrictions we have our get togethers over Zoom, you are able to join us from all over the world.

There is at least one get together every week, these are held at different times and days throughout the month. We have three Dowsing development groups that meet on a virtual platform where we talk about our own dowsing experiences, its a place to ask questions and a chance to broaden our own knowledge. There is the option if you don’t wish to talk and share, to listen.  You can join by phone if your internet connection is not so great. If you need any help and support to join the online sessions we are only too happy to assist.

Once a month there is a coffee morning social get together, for a Zoom Cuppa Catch Up, giving members the opportunity to natter and connect with each other.

Tomorrow evening we welcome our first virtual guest speaker Dr. Karen Stead-Dexter who will introduce us to  ‘Bird Spirit Medicine’ followed by members sharing any bird they have had a connection with in their life. Karen will explore their symbolism and messages.

If you would like to join a group of friendly dowsers who enjoy getting together despite the restrictions, please visit our membership page where you are welcome to become part of an amazing supportive community. Wherever you are on your dowsing journey if you are just starting out or have been dowsing for a while, you are all welcome.    Click here to become a member

We have a Devon Dowsers Facebook Page where you can follow us. Devon Dowsers on Facebook

There is also a Members of Devon Dowsers Facebook Group where subscribed members can share their dowsing experiences and interact with other group members.

Happy Dowsing.




DIY Labyrinth Building During Lockdown

‘Lockdown’s Socially Isolated DIY Labyrinth Building’ by Devon Dowsers

The planned Labyrinth Building Workshop on Dawlish Warren beach did not comply with Government Guidance so members were asked to create DIY Labyrinths of any design, and make a record of their creation so they could be collected together. Enjoy the result which you can see below:


‘Make your own Labyrinth this year’ he said. Okay, where? ‘Anywhere – on paper, on your lawn, on the beach, anywhere’ he said. Okay, what with? ‘A pen, sawdust, a hoe, string, sand’ he said………….to continue reading with more details of the individual Labyrinths made CLICK HERE

Summer Solstice 2020

Due to the restrictions this year, if you are unable to go out on the Summer Solstice, enjoy the celebration courtesy of English Heritage from the comfort of your own home. (see link below)

Devon Dowsers Trip to Stonehenge 2019

If you do venture out and would like to share your solstice images of sunrise or sunset with Devon Dowsers  please email them to [email protected]


See the source image


We can’t welcome you in person this year because of the measures in place to combat coronavirus – but our live coverage of sunset and sunrise at Stonehenge means you won’t miss a moment of this special occasion. Our cameras will capture the best views of Stonehenge, allowing you to connect with this spiritual place from the comfort of your own home. The events will be streamed LIVE across our YouTubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram channels. Sign up now and schedule them into your diary:

  • Saturday, June 20, 2020
    9:26 PM
  • Sunday, June 21, 2020
    4:52 AM

NOTE : Please, to help keep everyone safe, do NOT travel to Stonehenge to visit or for Summer Solstice this year. We hope to be able to reopen in early July, and look forward to welcoming you in person when we do. Please check the Stonehenge page for the latest information on reopening.

A talk that may be of interest….



Please Note This Event Is Not Organised By Devon Dowers 

Some of our members took a trip to Lundy a few years ago and may find this online talk of interest.



Lundy’s Early Archaeology


Tuesday 9th June, 7.30pm


Join us for our next online talk about Lundy’s early history through its archaeology. Henrietta Quinnell first came to Lundy to dig with Keith Gardner in the 1960s. She will present a sequential account of Lundy’s archaeology from early Mesolithic hunter gatherers through to the early medieval cemetery on Beacon Hill.

Her summary account in non-technical language will introduce the island’s early history for those who know and love Lundy.

Register here:


You can also watch live on YouTube:


‍To catch up on the past six weeks of talks, please visit the Discover Lundy YouTube page:


The Hexagon in the Bonfire Patch by DD Member Ali Denham

The Hexagon in the Bonfire Patch                                               Ali Denham.

In March 2020 my sister made a bonfire on the lawn of our late Mother’s house in Gloucestershire. She wanted to continue to bring things down from the attic yet still keep an eye on it. The photo Below Left shows (just) the edge of the dusty ash patch to the Right in front of the swing, and also the almost impenetrable “wilderness” where I’ve made subsequent bonfires. The whole plot is just over an acre. Below Right shows the regrowth around the bonfire patch in the shape of a hexagon in May 2020. I choked up at the wonder of it! I am telling you this now so that you know that this story is going to be OK.

When I visited in April, I was troubled by the thought of what would become of all the nature spirits who have been so completely at home here, when my siblings and I sell the place for inevitable development. I thought I could sense their disquiet about it too, although it’s still a year or two away.

I wanted to do my best for them and knew that it was a matter of finding somewhere for them to go. But how to go about it? I felt a total amateur. This is our childhood home with special memories and the whole thing was too important for me to just have a stab at. It had to be done properly so I asked the nature spirits to fill me with knowing about what I could do to help them.

That same day, without even thinking about it I posted on the Facebook site of “Earth Energies, Alignments and Leys” to ask for the guidance and advice of those who know more about this than me. I risked exposing myself to condemnation for being part a building development scheme that would destroy natural habitats, but the responses were supportive, kind, understanding and knowledgeable. Great! I made a list of the various suggestions so I could work out a course of action that suited my way of doing things.

In no particular order: –

  • Tell the beings that my father and mother aren’t on Earth anymore and I am standing in for their resonance.
  • Think of a nearby park/wood/garden where the nature spirits could go.
  • Create a virtual bridge, open for a set time period, to wherever the nature spirits could go.
  • Have a big celebratory party.
  • Sit quietly and meditate, hear what the nature beings have to say. Honour and send love and appreciation to them.
  • Explain what’s going to happen. New homes will be built for happy, community-minded families.
  • Perform ceremonies.
  • Don’t overdo the ceremonies as the nature spirits would just do the human equivalent of looking sideways at each other and roll their eyes. “What do humans know?”
  • Appoint a spirit being to oversee the move so that my clunky, human best intentions wouldn’t unwittingly constrain what was most beneficial for the nature spirits.
  • Trust my intuition.
  • Take a branch/cutting/plant back to my place and see who wants to come along.

Ironically, my Dad had been Secretary of the Gloucestershire Branch of CPRE (Council for the Protection of Rural England). When he died the CPRE arranged for a small wood to be planted in his memory on Cleeve Hill which Mum’s house is at the foot of. Cleeve Hill then rolls away into the Cotswolds. This wood seemed the obvious safe place for tree spirits and other elementals to go, although I wondered if it was large enough.

I’ve found out the hard way that my dowsing is so much better after I’ve taken time to establish respectful communications with the Spirit of the Place, so I already knew that the Spirit of the Place at Mum’s house was yin, heavenly (as opposed to earth dwelling) and Orange and Gold. Potent! She was ideally placed to assume the role of overseer, and to ensure that the nature beings moved somewhere else, or stayed, according to what was most appropriate for them. I had a half hour meditation ceremony to ask her to take on the responsibility.

When it came to creating the virtual bridge, it didn’t sit well with my intuition to have it open for a limited period. They might want to visit or come back in the future, especially as it was all about creating new homes for happy, neighbourly families. So, I made the bridge two-way and open indefinitely.

The Spirit of the Place at Dad’s wood on Cleeve Hill is different. To my surprise I found the boundary between the two was on the pavement outside Mum’s house. Dowsing tells me that Belas Knapp is also on his patch. He’s heavenly as well, and pillar box red. I asked him to look after the nature beings that arrived from Mum’s place and ensure that they were guided to the most appropriate dwelling. He said “Yes”.  I didn’t want the nature beings to be constrained by what I set up, so I gave my virtual bridge broad footings, like a snail’s foot, and with diffuse and undefined edges. One footing of the virtual bridge was at Dad’s wood, but from there the nature beings from Mum’s place could go wherever the Spirit of the Place deemed most appropriate.

I sat in mum’s “wilderness” to try to absorb what the nature beings had to say to me or what questions they might have. I was expecting something in the way of angst or something that I had to give reassurance and explanation for. However, all I got was “When??”

I’m in total awe. All I have to do now is let the Spirit of the Place know when the house and land sale is imminent. I’m no longer picking up anxiety at Mum’s place. There has already been a little preliminary tree felling, and from dowsing I understand that an ash tree spirit from Mum’s place is already in Dad’s wood on Cleeve Hill, and that it’s happy.

In May I re-visited my childhood home, and the bonfire patch at the far end of the lawn kept catching my eye. Eventually I went to stare at it and thought my eyes were deceiving me, or that there was some kind of rare, mainstream explanation for the hexagon shape in the regrowth of grass around it. Google told me surprisingly quickly about the meaning of Six as a numerological aspect of the hexagon: – Communication, Interfacing, Balance, Union, Love, Sincerity, Truth, Harmony, Equality, Perfection, Integration, Conjoining, Reliability, Dependability. The Hexagon is one of the geometric shapes that occurs in Nature.

Well! It was a good job that I was alone in the house! I was pretty sure that I understood the message, but my dowsing results were: –

79.75% a product of the harmonic relationship between the Spirit of the Place and the nature beings in her care.

20.25% for me to see and be assured that everything was in hand.

The power and the glory of Nature’s forces are indeed a wonderful refuge in these troubled times!



‘Just Dowse’: by relinquishing control, emptying your mind, be detatched, focus on your question, accept the answer, express gratitude.

‘Preparing for Dowsing at Castle Dyke’

If you have been dowsing recently and would like to share your experience and findings with us please send to [email protected] where we will be able to post on our Facebook Page and also on the Devon Dowsers Website. 

Here are some further links to the SELF-HELP Tab 

Plant Consciousness

The link below will take you to a Guardian Newspaper article on Plant Consciousness. It is a fascinating interview with Stephano Mancuso, a neurobiologist who has bought out a new book, ‘The Incredible Journey of Plants’. Your thoughts about plants will never be the same again!


Devon Dowsers’ Sally Cunis is the Dowsers’ Poet Laureate, and will from time to time be sharing her poems with us.

Here is Sally’s most recent poem 

Poem Coronavirus

We have put a list together of some recommended reading

Introductory Reading List

We are grateful to Caz Donovan for sharing how to create both ‘The Magic Circle’ as well as a ‘Crystal Mandala’. We look forward to seeing some photos of any that you create.

Crystal mandala

A magic circle

You can sign up to this website Sounds True to receive 7 FREE brief lessons to different energy practices which will be emailed to you.


More from the Self-help Tab

Dowsing Roughtor Bronze Age hut circle’ July 2019 

A selection of further links from our SELF-HELP tab for you to explore.

Devon Dowsers’ Sally Cunis is the Dowsers’ Poet Laureate 

Here is her latest poem ~  There`s hope in the Seedlings

This is Donna Eden’s daily energy routine designed to build the immune system, gain energy and relieve pain. Donna Eden is a well known American energy healer.

Donna Eden

This is a beautiful mediation strengthen feelings of kindness and connection toward others, suggested by Steve Elliston.

Loving Kindness Meditation

I found a flute……

13th Day I Found a Flute

Exploring the Self-Help Tab

 ‘Memories of Powderham’

Following the launch of our new SELF-HELP tab on the website ~ a selection of links for you to explore.

From Health

A Breathing Exercise to focus on our rib cage and move the back of the ribcage outwards by Jann Wirtz

Breathing Exercise

From Poetry

Devon Dowsers’ Sally Cunis is the Dowsers’ Poet Laureate, and will from time to time be sharing her poems with us.

Sally’s first poem in this series is below

Thoughts on Nature and the Coronavirus Outbreak

From Music

‘Benedictus’ From ‘The Armed man’, by Karl Jenkins with Stjepan Hauser playing cello



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    Loving Kindness Meditation
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Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation
May you be safe,

May you be healthy,

May you be happy,

May you live with ease.

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