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24th June 2020  7.50 am

This morning  I went out in my canoe on the river Tamar.   The sun was up and the water was very calm with no other boats around.   I had a wonderful feeling of being at peace with the world.   As I paddled up towards Cotehele there was a heron standing up tall in the reed bed.   I stopped paddling and spent a while watching him.   He did not fly away at once so I admired his serenity.   What message did he/she have for me?   Enjoy the peace of nature.   I set off again and he flew along the bank and seemed to be following me.  He flew up into a tree and looked down on me.   He did this several times.   When I got to Cotehele I spent a while looking up the river and  thinking how quiet everything was.  Then as the tide was about to turn I set off home again.   Lo and behold there was the heron in a tree and he followed me again.   He then flew right in front of me and flew off.

This was before our Devon Dowsers Zoom meeting with Karen.  When I got home I looked up in a bird book I have and the message I found from the heron was “Solitude” and its archetype “Hermit”.   Do I need to be on my own more to appreciate nature, meditate and be aware of spirit.   The alter side is that I am being too much of a hermit and need to socialise more!  I must dowse to see which medicine I was being offered.

I have always noticed that herons usually fly off  if disturbed.   They usually make their nests in trees and are often seen on the mud banks waiting to feed.   I did feel that  I had been so privileged to have his company on my journey  – or was he just making sure I did not disturb his nest?

2nd July

During the afternoon I walked quietly down our boardwalk through the reed bed and heron was standing in the mud.  He soon flew off so I did not have time to engage with him.

Following on from this meeting, I was watching a wildlife programme on a lone wolf living on an island off the west Canadian coast.   The presenter wondered what the wolf would be eating and he was filmed watching how the heron obtained its food from the shallows and proceeded to copy it.   So is there a message from heron?

Then on Countryfile on Sunday featured a canal and again there was a piece about the heron.

I obviously need to ask more questions.

At the DD Zoom meeting with Karen I talked about heron.  The message from heron is “Patience”.   She said I was at one with the river and the heron accepted me as being part of the river.   She said to have had 3 different reminders since the canoe trip showed there was a message for me to understand.   So I have several ideas to dowse and ponder.   Heron has been back around our garden and river bank several times since.

26th June 2020  10.15am

This morning I went along our board walk through the reed bed to watch the river.    There is a large log which has been stuck in the mud for several weeks.  On top of the log was a mallard drake who looked across at me.  Usually if there are any birds around they fly away when they hear someone coming.   He looked at peace and did not move.   I asked if he was alright or perhaps needed healing as he had not moved.  The reply I got was yes he was fine.  I asked if his family was nearby. The message from the duck was “to have faith in myself and spirit is always with you, but do things at your own pace.”  After about 15 minutes of tuning in to him,  I went back to the cottage and collected my dowsing wand and phone.   He was still there when I returned and I used dowsing to confirm the messages and take a photo of him.   Later on I went back and he had left the log.   This was before I received Gwynn’s email with details of how to prepare myself for meeting the birds and receiving any messages.   However, even though I had not set my intention, I feel he was there for me on that morning.


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