I had put time aside to do Dr Karen Stead – Dexter’s Homework, following her first Zoom Q & A session on Bird Spirit Medicine. With pendulum in hand I dowsed to see where I needed to go to receive ‘the wisdom/teachings of a particular bird spirit today’.

I dowsed down my list: on the water of the Exe/Teign estuaries? Along their shore lines? In the dunes of Dawlish Warren? In a meadow? In a woodland? In an open field? In my garden? On Dartmoor? I was running out of options when the word ‘allotment’ came into my head and I got a ‘Yes’ for that.

I was going there that afternoon so although I was busy watering, weeding, etc I kept my eyes open for birds and signs, becoming aware that there seemed to be a lot less than normal around. In fact I think I only saw one seagull. I packed up and walked back to my car thinking I had better re dowse to find my location.

On getting to my car I couldn’t help but notice there was an enormous bird poop down my drivers side window. ‘Well thanks very much!’ I said to myself, looking above to see if the culprit was still flying around. I supposed that I should be grateful it was aimed at my car rather than my head, and drove home still thinking that I needed to find another location to receive my Bird Spirit Medicine.

24 hours later I had been out that morning and drove home to find the other car on my drive covered in bird poop. My neighbour came across and said ‘How was it, that given all the other cars in the road, only mine had been covered in bird poop’!? It looked like a squadron had taken aim and strafed the car.

‘OK. I thought. ‘If I didn’t get the message the first time round, they were making sure I got it the second time’!

Smiling to myself, I liked the idea of our feathered friends having a sense of humour and working together, as there was no way it was the same bird both times and the Nissan had been ‘attacked’ by more than one bird. They were all in on it!

So my ‘teaching’ was contained within the bird poop message I thought to myself, went inside and Googled the spiritual symbolism of Bird Poop. There were pages written on it.

Some examples were as follows: ‘A bird pooping on you is a sign of luck, prosperity and good fortune are all yours to come with this symbolic experience’. ‘When a bird poops on you, symbolically you are provided a situation in which you have to slow down, look at yourself, your behaviours, actions, beliefs and life choices, and to be honest with yourself. An integral part of this experience is the cleaning up’ stage, which intrinsically involves clearing. Cleansing, clearing and transformation are a part of this good luck omen.’

This was a lot to take on! I shared it with Karen following our Zoom meeting. After she had stopped laughing, she felt the cleansing was the message for me. I started by cleaning both cars. I then set off my robot cleaner ‘Napoleon’, who sweeps all before him. (He came on offer from the French Amazon and I wouldn’t be without him!). That seemed to take care of some of the physical cleansing.

I dowsed through my living space to check there weren’t any detrimental energies that had manifested sinse the last time I had dowsed it. All seemed well. So that just leaves me. What I eat? How much? What I drink? How much? How much exercise? Spiritual exercise? All of these areas could be improved upon for my health and well-being, so I am grateful for receiving my Bird Poop Wisdom.

The next time I was at the allotment after being strafed, I asked for a sign that the message I had received was the message just in case my imagination was running away with me. I had walked up the path a dozen times fetching water that morning. I closed the shed to walk back down the path to go home, and there on the ground was a pristine pigeon’s feather.

I smiled, picked it up and asked ‘what can I do for you?’

Gwynn Paulett, July 2020.



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