‘Bird Spirit Medicine’ with Dr Karen Stead-Dexter on ‘Zoom’

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On reflection, which bird do we find we have a resonance with? Have we had an ‘encounter’ with a bird that felt spiritually significant? Karen’s invitation was to tune into what she calls the ‘felt sense’ of that bird.

As we shared our experiences with Karen in her first Zoom Meeting, which included owls, buzzards, the robin, pigeons, ravens, crows and many more, she in turn gave us her insights into their spiritual symbolism and why they appeared to us at the time in our lives that they did, and what messages they were giving us if we were open to receiving them.

Following this fascinating Zoom Meeting, Karen set us some Bird Spirit Medicine -Dowsing Homework giving two weeks in which to complete it before her next Zoom Meeting.

The Homework stories members and their friends shared were truly inspiring at the second Bird Spirit Medicine Zoom Meeting. Having dowsed to see where we would receive the wisdom of a particular bird and asking ‘What is the Bird Spirit Medicine/teaching I need today?’ we set off on our walks with note book in hand and lots more questions to ask. For confirmation of the Bird Spirit Messenger we needed to maintain an awareness of other signs which would show us that the teachings were meant for us.

Here are some examples of the birds experienced and their Medicine:

Woodpeckers help us ‘to feel the beat of mother earth’. The sparrow hawk with its amazing ability to fly through most environments, demonstrates how to ‘strike through any difficulties or obstacles in life’, how to ground ourselves and the importance of ‘seeing clearly’. Jackdaw shows us how ‘to be joyful and playful in life’, and the small, loud, powerful, cunning little wren gatekeeps the land, whilst the heron shows us patience, to wait to see ‘what comes up in life’, and ‘to let things unravel’.

A familiar walk by the river through the woods was shared with Karen, and experienced with new eyes when walking with the intent to connect with mother nature.  Karen provided us with insights into the deep connection with nature we can experience as well as the healing available, having set our intention to connect. She emphasised once again the importance of going with the ‘felt sense’ and warned us not to always expect the messages to come ‘straight’, because we needed  ‘to do the work for nature to make her profound healing available’.

The Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing, is a way of allowing ourselves to deeply connect with the forest and its healing. Karen runs workshops of Shirin Yoku which can be accessed through her website https://ka8938.wixsite.com/kingfisherhealing/shinrin-yoku

This was a magical evening led by Karen, and co-created with Devon Dowsers members and friends who shared their stories. Grateful thanks to Karen and all those who attended the two Zoom Meetings and completed her Homework with such amazing results.

Gwynn Paulett, July 2020.



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