Here is the worksheet to accompany the digital book from the post earlier this week. you can also access all the new resources by clicking on the SELF HELP tab.

Barry Witton’s ‘Covid19 Immune Protection Worksheet Index’ Worksheet Link  is now available to be used in conjunction with his ‘Dowsing Lifestyle Changes’ digital booklet. As you dowse each item, you can write down the result in the Worksheet. If you make any changes to your diet, routine, supplements, remedies etc and dowse subsequently you will be able to track any changes in results.

We will all be self-isolating to protect ourselves and the NHS right now, but using our dowsing skills to do what we can to maximise the strength of our immune systems seems a sensible thing to do in addition.

If you need any assistance with dowsing please come to a Zoom meeting or email. We will do our best to help.

‘With positive thoughts our spirits can rise like the sun each morning’

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