Devon Dowsers Dowsing Development Group

This friendly group currently runs in the evening of the second Tuesday every month from 8pm to 9.45pm.

The purpose of the Development Group is to increase our knowledge of dowsing and build confidence and accuracy. We share any dowsing we have done, any problems encountered and try to suggest solutions. We do these by Zoom video conferences. They are facilitated and are bound by our group guidelines and BSD’s Rules and Ethics. If attending there is no compulsion to contribute – you can just spectate with your video on or off and your microphone on or off. Topics generally range far and wide. The idea is for everyone to get a turn to speak if they wish to so we ask that everyone keeps to a reasonable time limit.

The Zoom link is sent by email to all members of Devon Dowsers, a day or so before each meeting.


We are all here for the same reason, and we will all get an equal chance to share within the group. The Group Guidelines are designed to facilitate this, and members are asked to follow them. At the beginning of each group, the Group leader will draw attention to them.

Safety – This is a safe place for us all to talk about dowsing and ensure protection is in place.

Confidentiality – If anyone discloses anything personal about their experiences, we will treat that with confidence and respect.

Manners – We will all show proper and good manners at all times.

Social Media – Feel free to share any official Devon Dowsers social media posts, but if you want to include individuals within the group, please ask permission.

Time – The group leader will keep to time, please don’t be offended if you are interrupted so we can keep the group going.

Allow – When others are talking please allow them the time and space to do so. If they are talking about something of a personal nature then please allow them the time to do so without interrupting.

Trust – We trust that each and everyone is sharing information that is true and for the highest good.

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