-We have put together a list of Dowsers who are known to us and who provide a range of professional services. Anyone wishing to use their services do so using their own judgement or dowsing. Some of these Dowsers are also authors of useful books on different aspects of dowsing.

Arron Bray www.waterdowsers.co.uk     Link to facebook page

Elizabeth Brown www.causativediagnosis.com

Susan Collins www.dowser.ca    Link to facebook page

Sean Ferris www.medicaldowser.co.uk

Grahame Gardner www.westerngeomancy.org    

Raymon Grace www.raymongrace.us

Adrian Incledon-Webber www.dowsingspirits.co.uk    Link to facebook page

Ann Lodygowski  email: ann.annimel@gmail.com

Sig Lonegren  www.geomancy.org

Dr. Patrick MacManaway www.patrickmacmanaway.com

Amanda Peet www.amandapeet.org.uk      Link to facebook page

Nigel and Maggie Percy – books available to buy 

Dr. Karen Stead-Dexter Dr.Karen Stead-Dexter   Link to facebook page

Jane Taylor www.taylormadetherapy.co.uk        Link to facebook page 

Peter Taylor www.waterdowsing.co.uk

Nigel Twinn www.nigeltwinn.org

Tim Walter www.knightsrose.com      Link to facebook page

Maria Wheatley www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk    www.esotericcollege.com       Link to facebook page



















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