Devon Dowsers Dowsing Development Group

New for 2020 – Dowsing Development Groups – FREE FOR Devon Dowsers

Devon Dowsers are pleased to introduce a monthly group for members, it will be an open group for all levels of dowsers, a chance to join together in an informal atmosphere to raise any questions you might have about Dowsing and all the wonderful ways in which you can use dowsing, practice, talk, dowse.

We will be working within Devon Dowsers Code of Ethics and have our own group guidelines. In addition, as an affiliated member we will be adopting the BSD Code of Ethics.

All groups will follow the same format:
10 am
Arrival and Group Guidelines
10.20 am
Sharing experiences, positive and problem areas, we will go around so each and everyone can get a chance to share what has or hasn’t worked for them. You can the opportunity to pass if you would rather listen.
12 pm

“Dowsing is a way of getting answers to questions you cannot answer rationally“ Maggie and Nigel Percy; “Dowsing: Practical Enlightenment”. 2015 Sixth Sense Books. The Groups Outcomes are:

  • To know and understand when you are in the dowsing zone
  • To have an understanding of ethical dowsing
  • To develop effective dowsing questions
  • To practice dowsing tangible targets
  • To increase specialist dowsing skills
  • To increase accuracy and confidence


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