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Barry Witton – Health Dowser

We are very grateful to Barry for giving us permission to use his dowsing for health booklet which ‘is designed to empower dowsers to take control of and improve their holistic health through lifestyle changes. Holistic health is defined as our health and well-being at all levels -physical, emotional. Mental and spiritual’. As Barry says, “Don’t wait for the rain before you fix the roof”.

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During the Corvid19 pandemic there is a need to optimise the performance of our immune system. We can remove stressors and make lifestyle improvements. You will find a Dowsing Immune System Worksheet written by Barry Witton which works in conjunction with his Dowsing Lifestyle Changes booklet. There are also charts and lists to dowse.

Covid 19 Immune Protection Worksheet Index

This worksheet works in conjunction with Barry Witton’s ‘Dowsing Lifestyle changes’ digital booklet you will find in the Health section of the Self-Help tab on Devon Dowsers website.

I would suggest you refer to the booklet on a screen and print off the Worksheet so you can write on it.

Within the Worksheet Barry identifies elements within his booklet that relate to the immune system which he invites you to dowse and record on the blank page of the Worksheet. It’s helpful to write down what you find from your initial dowse and subsequent dowsing, particularly if you start taking supplements, change your diet, or take remedies. This will enable you to track results.

You do need to use scales when dowsing. Join Zoom meetings to learn more if you aren’t confident with using scales.

Covid 19 immune system v4

Have you thought about boosting your immunity?

Dowse to boost your immunity

Gwynn’s Workshop notes on the Diet and Nutrition Workshop run by Sean Ferris which may not be comprehensive given the amount of information Sean shared but may be useful. If our diet and nutrition is out of whack it can become a stressor on our immune system so dowse for yourself.

Dowsing ones health

Caz Donovan’s notes from Sean’s workshop on 15th March 2020 entitled Spiritual Health and the Elements – within this he talked about AURAS

Strengthening the Aura

Caz Donovan shares how to clear energy blockages in the body

Clearing Energy Blockages In The Body

We are electrical beings first, chemical beings second. Gwynn’s article examines a way of mitigating the induced voltage we absorb from modern devices and our homes by grounding/earthing ourselves as much as possible. Go bare foot !

Grounding Article

‘Pillow Dowsing’ is a short article whose moral is ‘trust your dowsing’. What we are told is good for our health might not be, so dowse to see if it’s healthy for you.

Pillow Dowsing

Would you body benefit from any Anti Viral Herbs, dowse to check

Anti Viral Herbs

A You Tube presentation by Gregg Braden on the Covid 19 pandemic. Straight forward facts as he has researched them, ending up with a discussion on how to boost your immune system.

Gregg Braden is a best-selling author of books such as ‘The Divine Matrix’ and ‘The Spontaneous Healing of Belief’. He ‘bridges science, spirituality and the real world’.

Gregg Braden Coronavirus

Raymond Grace, ‘dowser, healer and a font of folk wisdom’.

Author of ‘The Future is Yours’.

Raymond Grace talking about Healing water and abuse

Healing water

Raymond Grace and Random acts of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Raymond Grace talking about dowsing and healing

Dowsing & Healing

The uses this colour chart can be put to, is only limited by your dowsing imagination.

Colour Chart

Crystal nets to help during this time of Lockdown

Caz Donovan’s selection using Sue and Simon Lilly’s book The Practical Guide to Crystal Healing

Crystals for lockdown

Christopher Strong’s Feng Shui lists

Feng Shui

A breathing Exercise to focus on our rib cage and move the back of the ribcage outwards by Jann Wirtz

Breathing Exercise

Bush Flower Essence List

Bush flower essence list

This is a beautiful mediation strengthen feelings of kindness and connection toward others, suggested by Steve Elliston.

Loving Kindness Meditation

This link is a documentary on Earth/Grounding, suggested by Gwynn Paulett


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