Dowsing for Water in the United Arab Emirates

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Dowsing for Water in the United Arab Emirates

Most of you will be aware of all the press and radio coverage that the PhD student – Sally Le Page received when she publicised the fact that 10 out of 12 of our Water Boards have staff that use dowsing rods to find pipes and leaks. This came as no surprise to dowsers, as it can be a very quick way to identify where the errant pipe and escaping water is!

Something that wasn’t in the national press is that our very own Peter Taylor has had great success Dowsing for Water in the United Arab Emirates, a country that has minimal rainfall.

Peter received the initial request in September 2016, so he started with a ‘Google Earth map survey’ of the area and marked out all potential sources of water. His next step was to visit the area, for 2 weeks in October 2016, when 12 potential water sources in the area were located by dowsing.

Peter says that “Water is so scarce in these hot countries with very little rainfall, everyone is searching for it and that the water table is shrinking because more water is being extracted than is being replaced by natural seepage and rainfall”. In the area Peter was working, the rock formations are mostly old limestone and the water table varies from 850ft to 1600ft, or more; “the mountain regions are covered with small villages and towns, all of which have many boreholes drilled chasing the elusive water”.

2 wells were subsequently drilled in 2017 and have both passed all the required tests by the UAE authorities. The largest well is producing 244,800 gallons per day – an excellent flow for that part of the world, the second well produces 57,600 gallons per day.

Perhaps we could offer a PhD course in Water Divining??? :0)       Well done Peter!

For further information please see Peter’s website


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