Dowsing in the Garden

Using Dowsing To Assist You In The Garden

Plant Consciousness

The link below will take you to a Guardian Newspaper article on Plant Consciousness. It is a fascinating interview with Stephano Mancuso, a neurobiologist who has bought out a new book, ‘The Incredible Journey of Plants’. Your thoughts about plants will never be the same again!


Emma and Davyd Farrell have been running a very successful Plant Consciousness conference in London for some years now and their website is well worth visiting as is their TV station where there are many interesting speakers talking about their work.

Plant consciousness

Dowsing for the creation of a Zen Garden

Your imagination is the only limiting factor when it comes to Dowsing in the Garden. This is an article on how dowsing was used to connect with the consciousness, of trees, plants and even rocks to begin the creation of a Zen Garden.

Creation of a Zen Garden

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