In her workshops Karen has enabled us to experience Bird Spirit Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine and in the Elemental Magic workshop, the Medicine to be gained by opening up Sacred Space, connecting to Source, and honouring the four directions and their associated four elements – Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

Fire to the East, Earth to the West, Air to the North and Water to the South, with Spirit being at the centre. Within the ‘Homework’ Karen set, we were invited to connect with these in turn having created our Sacred Space and at the finish to appropriately close it down.

The insights and messages received from doing this work were profound and often took us to new levels. We are grateful to those members who shared their experiences in Session 2. It was moving and humbling to hear them. Some others have been shared privately which were personal and equally powerful.

Given the challenges the weather presented, quite a number of members are looking forward to completing Karen’s Homework when the rain stops, now the cold has gone. We are very grateful to Karen for creating this ‘magical’ experience for us and providing her insights and sharing her extensive knowledge.

We eagerly anticipate Karen’s Crystal workshop in March.

Considerable interest has been expressed by members to enrol in Karen’s courses, workshops or one to ones so please find link to these below.

Gwynn Paulett

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