You may be interested in attending these events by Devon Dowsers Member Susan Collins.

For more information and to book please click here to visit Susan’s Website.


Dowsing Boot Camps
 May 2     June 27    Aug 8
 Sept 12    Oct 17    Nov 21

March 28 Dowsing for Feng Shui

April 15 Get to the Point with Dowsing
Sponsored by Canadian Society of Dowsers
Members only. Why not join!

April 17-18 How to Dowse the Future
Sponsored by Ozark Research Institute

April 25 Get Healthy!
Sponsored by Devon Dowsers, UK
Members only. Why not join!

May 8/9 International Dowsing Day

May 16 Soul Repair & Past Lives

June 9-13 ASD Virtual Conference
June 12, 12-1 Develop Your Psychic Ability
June 10, 2-5 pm Get Healthy with Dowsing

July 11 Orbs Ghosts and Aliens

Aug 22 Fix Geopathic Stress

Sept 19 Get Happy with Dowsing

Oct 6-13 Flagstaff Dowsers Conference

Oct 24 Dowse the Future

Nov 28 Dowse Feng Shui

Jan 24 Life Cards Oracle

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