Healing Circles

Ideas and Articles to help to create Healing Circles using Dowsing

Building a mini Neolithic Stone Circle

Jack Temple, the Medical Dowser who wrote ‘The Healer’ and ‘The Medicine Man shows how to build a mini Neolithic Stone Circle. This article recounts Gwynn’s experience of building one in his back yard having picked up stones from Dawlish Warren beach. It demonstrated both a diagnostic and healing capacity.

Building a mini Neolithic healing circle


This article describes a Workshop held on Dawlish Warren beach in June 2019 on how to create your own seven pathway labyrinth and a summary of some spiritual uses made of labyrinths. The seed pattern is included within the article

Instructions for creating your own Labyrinths

‘It’s about finding yourself’: Cornish hedgers plan record-breaking labyrinth

A Cornish Labyrinth

We are grateful to Caz Donovan for sharing how to create both ‘The Magic Circle’ as well as a ‘Crystal Mandala’. We look forward to seeing some photos of any that you create.

Crystal mandala

A magic circle

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