Health and well-being

Here are some articles about dowsing for health and well being, written by our members. Please use our contact form if you can contribute any experiences of your own, when you have used dowsing to help diagnose or improve somebody’s health and well-being. Whilst dowsing is an opportunity to take more responsibility for our own health, dowsers and their clients are advised to consult qualified health professionals over any health issues or concerns they may have.

Consequences of not following Dowsing directions

Pain relief and healing with the pendulum

Pillow dowsing

Below are links to some interesting videos on dowsing for health and well-being, available on YouTube. Again, please contact us if you would like to make any comments on these or add any links to similar videos in the public domain you would like to recommend to fellow dowsers.

Hamish Miller after NDE healing from Nature


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