Introduction to Dowsing course (£30)

Ashburton Town Hall, Sunday 20th October, 10.30 am to 4 pm – This Course in now Fully Booked. 

Just about everyone can dowse, so this course aims to get you dowsing from the start, and provides a practical opportunity to try different techniques of dowsing, using rods and pendulums to dowse both tangible (e.g. water pipes, drains) and intangible targets (e.g. personal hydration, earth energy lines).

You will gain:

  1. some history of dowsing together with its uses over the years as well as current applications
  2. an understanding of dowsing ethics
  3. some methods to keep yourself protected
  4. an insight into how to focus your mind, get in the “dowsing zone”, set intent, and how to ask for permissions
  5. your own “Yes”/”No” code, to undertake information dowsing
  6. some skills in using L rods and a pendulum.

There will be opportunities to undertake

  1. onsite dowsing
  2. remote dowsing.

You will dowse for the following:

  1. flowing water, water pipes and drains
  2. earth energy lines, their polarity, remanence (where something was once, but is not there anymore)
  3. personal hydration, the human aura, vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  4. hidden objects.

Dowsing specialities

We will discuss examples of applications of dowsing such as finding water/minerals; finding lost objects; archaeology; ancient sites; earth energies; healing; spiritual/psychic; and house clearing.


We will suggest come ways you can practise your dowsing skills and continue learning more about dowsing.


  1. Bring your own rods and pendulums if you have them, or borrow ours. Our shop will be available where you can purchase both rods and pendulums, if you wish.
  2. Printed notes containing course content will be provided, so you may wish to bring something to write with if you like to add your own notes.
  3. Examples of useful Dowsing books will be available for you to look at, as well as a dowsing bibliography.
  4. Information about the Devon Dowsers Programme and membership will be on hand.
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