There is a small clearing down in our small wood that has a very ‘special’ feel about it, so I decided to dowse it to see if anything was going on!

As is as it should be I always ask for permission to dowse here from the guardian spirit, who appears to mainly dwell in a truly magnificent Copper Beech tree. Jo always asks permission of the spirits and entities who look after the woods before doing any. We guess that they are one and the same as these things are intangible.

I dowsed that no ‘conventional’ earth energy or water lines run through this space, although there are some quite nearby. But when we dowsed for shapes remarkable patterns were revealed.

First to appear was an unequal seven pointed star. Four of the points ended at four existing trees that form a rough circular shape. We dowsed that the other three points should end with a newly planted tree completing this natural circle. Next to appear within the star was what we thought was a circle but is in fact an ‘egg-shape’ and this has become the wood henge. Jo feels that this shape has significance and is to do with rebirth. Next in an uneven trapezium, inside that an unequal triangle and right in the middle a small circle (which has since evolved into a fire pit).

Attached is a photo of the flags and the temporary henge posts placed around the ‘egg’. The blue flags show the 7 pointed star, red flags show the uneven (diamond shaped) trapezium, yellow flags the triangle and the small group of blue flags in the middle mark the potential fire pit. In addition we dowsed that there are a pair of spirals in the centre of the pit and Jo dowsed a very wriggly energy line passing across, but not through the middle of, the henge. The henge itself is made of sawn-off fence posts whose positions and spacings and number – 15 in total – were all dowsed.

Also attached is a photo of the henge taken Monday morning (21st December) at the time of the solstice (10.02am) when we lit our first fire (after asking for permission from the entities)  and both placed ‘yule’ logs upon it! The smoke billowed around the whole shape in, what Jo thought, was an indication of approval from the spirits. We dowsed a while ago if the fence posts should be replaced and we got the answer that only three should be. These can be seen as the slightly fatter posts, which were made from dowsed lengths of the felled pine tree that can be seen in the background. It transpires that these three posts are exactly to the north, west and south of the henge with a gap between posts directly to the east. This alignment was in no way planned by us – but something or someone had other ideas!

The three ‘cardinal’ posts form two right-angled isosceles triangles with the fire pit as this half of the henge is pretty much circular. The eastern henge is distorted eastwards to create its egg shape.

We have yet to fully explore what is happening energy wise around the henge. It is still very new – to us at least. Jo believes that the horses have known about this space for ages and appear surprised that it has taken so long for us to discover it!

As shown in the second photograph the wood henge is now complete, apart from waiting for a fire bowl to arrive to position in the middle. It didn’t feel right to dig a fire pit or have a ground surface fire as the tree roots are very near the surface. In addition, the exact position of the fire keeps changing slightly – dowsed generally to be something to do with the sun and moon – so a bowl so it can be easily moved.

So some good things come out of lockdowns!

Best wishes and happy dowsing for 2021,

Alan & Jo

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