‘Preparing for Dowsing at Castle Dyke’

If you have been dowsing recently and would like to share your experience and findings with us please send to jane@devondowsers.org.uk where we will be able to post on our Facebook Page and also on the Devon Dowsers Website. 

Here are some further links to the SELF-HELP Tab 

Plant Consciousness

The link below will take you to a Guardian Newspaper article on Plant Consciousness. It is a fascinating interview with Stephano Mancuso, a neurobiologist who has bought out a new book, ‘The Incredible Journey of Plants’. Your thoughts about plants will never be the same again!


Devon Dowsers’ Sally Cunis is the Dowsers’ Poet Laureate, and will from time to time be sharing her poems with us.

Here is Sally’s most recent poem 

Poem Coronavirus

We have put a list together of some recommended reading

Introductory Reading List

We are grateful to Caz Donovan for sharing how to create both ‘The Magic Circle’ as well as a ‘Crystal Mandala’. We look forward to seeing some photos of any that you create.

Crystal mandala

A magic circle

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