The day was hot. The skies blue. Every man and his dog had parked with no places left. Some of us had to abandon trying to find a place to park. The rest of us walked across the grassy Warren surrounded by purple pyramidal orchids.

By groyne seven we had lost the trippers and had the beach to ourselves, which at low tide is a lot of space, which we needed as after two hours we had examples of the classic seven pathway labyrinth, the eleven pathway labyrinth, a hexagonal shaped seven as well as a triangular and heart shaped example.

It was interesting to experience the difference in their feel and energy levels e.g. the hexagonal felt very edgy and propelled you around it. A passer by asked if she could walk a seven and afterwards remarked how much better she felt. A fit young man ran to the centre and back again whilst his friend slowly walked the distance there and back.

There is something timeless and magical about both creating labyrinths as well as following their paths in whichever way one chooses.

We paddled in the sea and watched as the tide slowly turned to wash them all away, ready for another day.

Gwynn June 2021

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