Around 12 years ago I was guided to purchase a few acres of contaminated land that was the result of mining for Barytes.

Barytes is a heavy metal/mineral that is generally ground into a powder and used for drilling mud, a heavy liquid that stops the hole collapsing as it is deepened, keeps the oil and gas down and floats the drillings to the surface. For me the bonus is that the Crystal is good for Astral Journeying / OBE – .

My mission is to heal the land on which nothing grows and to bring life back to it.  Over time I have been introduced to a team of unseen helpers and am truly astonished at what I can and have singlehandedly achieved and with no resistance from neighbours or authority, who are aware of what I do ………..

An ancient Oak Forest by a lake is the vision for the mine 100 years from now.

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