Map Dowsing – A different way and at an Enlarged Scale!

About 6 or 7 years ago I was phoned by a lady who lived out on Exmoor asking if I could help with problems she was having at her property. She lived in an isolated position with no near neighbours and her young family was experiencing disturbed nights. Her 7 year old was frequently waking up screaming and frightened, while at other times she and her husband could hear crunching noises outside on the narrow gravel pathway that surrounded the bungalow. But each time on being woken by this they would race outside expecting to catch someone – but  there was never anything or anyone!

I agreed to go out there, but with a friend, to meet the family. To say it was secluded was an understatement! It was a good 40 minutes’ drive out of Barnstaple and most of that time seemed to be spent on the last 10 miles of tiny wiggly (luckily metalled!) roads with high Devon hedge banks.

On arrival the lady showed me around the bungalow and garden, and I also met her husband who had taken time off work. The property fronted onto the road and I could see there was a secure 2 metre fence around the property which adjoined fields on the other 3 sides. The small gravel path around the bungalow was about 600mm wide, and they explained after hearing noises they had replaced the old wooden gate onto the road with high metal gates…..but still, ‘something,’ was happening 2 or 3 times a week. When they went into their 7 year old’s bedroom at night they could feel a presence, and also several times during the day they thought they had seen someone in the woodshed at the end of the garden. (In fact the kids refused to go in there).

I got my rods out and quickly found a strong energy line running diagonally through the bungalow. It crossed the roadway about 50m from the property and went through the garden and bungalow at about 45⁰ and out through the other side, then off into the fields. I had a definite sense entities were travelling along it and inside, the line was very strong at the back of the hallway where it passed through the wall to the little one’s bedroom. That room in fact had little sunlight by day and dowsing only confirmed my feelings that a heavy presence often frequented this space, attracted by the child, although it meant no harm. Outside the garden was clear, except in the log shed which was at the end of the garden but off the line.

Clearly the family were terrified at night and it was badly affecting all of them, especially the kids at school. In the field at the end of the garden was a large tree and I resolved to move the line if possible around the property beyond the tree.

Knowing there are often benign spirits living deep in the ground on energy lines, and it is their home too, I first asked permission to move the line. Also in town it is not always the answer to move a detrimental line away from one house into someone else’s space giving them the problem, although that wouldn’t have been the case here. Happily I was given the okay to move it to where I wanted.

Over many years at Devon Dowsers we’ve had speakers telling us how they move lines. Some of the older dowsers would drive iron bars into the ground, either side of a property to ‘ark’ the line around. Indeed some could move the water lines beneath and change their direction by tapping the iron spikes a certain number of times (to redirect water to a dry well for instance), and others would bury crystals in the ground.

But I was most impressed by the Bristol dowser Nick Leach who made things much easier by just using his ‘intent’! He explained on a flip chart by briefly drawing a plan of a typical property and a line crossing it, then with two strokes of the pen he put two cuts, or stop ends on the line, and then drew a black line from one stop-end point around the property to the other…… and job done. Of course in practise he would be putting his intent into it.

So having asked permission, I did the same and after a welcome mug of tea I bade farewell to the occupants – who hopefully were not too bemused!

I did of course ring after a few days, and subsequent weeks, to check if all was well and the lady confirmed all the problems had stopped. However after a month I felt I should visit again and check the line hadn’t moved back, but as it was quite a trek out there (and easy to get lost with my satnav trying to direct me into a field to nowhere!) I thought about maybe doing some Map Dowsing.

Now the main problem for me is that I hate fiddling around with a pendulum on A4 sheets of paper and trying to mark down lines etc.………….and the main purpose of this article, and the long preamble above, is to describe what I tried next – a sort of a variation on map dowsing.

I was up my garden thinking about this, and lying around were several steel road pins (picked up from my many years of being involved with roadworks – to hold up orange netting etc.).      I picked out 4 like the one shown alongside here and planted them in the lawn – to represent the four corners of the property on Exmoor.

I had an idea I could ‘draw out’ the plan in my garden – instead of on a fiddly piece of paper – and then using my rods ‘walk the line’ to check if it went round the end and not through the middle. To my surprise (I was relieved really!) the rods walked me up to my block of land (measuring about 4m by 6m on the diagonal), and then rather than crossing the imaginary line between steel pins they led me round my imaginary block of land to the left, around my imaginary tree at the end, and then joined up back where the energy line would have been and then off harmlessly across the fields.

Needless to say I was happy with this result and for the next 6 weeks went up with my rods once a week to check all was well until the onset of winter weather…….whereupon I’m afraid to say I lost interest.

Christmas came as did family gatherings and I think it wasn’t until New Year’s Day after far too much food I ventured up to the end of the garden ………. and the road pins were still there.  So I thought ‘oh I can check on those’ and went inside to get my rods – but, to my horror on walking up the line to my imaginary oblong, the line passed right through – and having a mental picture of where the bungalow was (a third of the way up the garden in the block) it passed slap bang through where it used to be!

The line had snapped back! Why I didn’t know, whether it had done so on the turn of the year or earlier I just didn’t know. But none the less I mentally and with intent put it back so it was around the outside and then did several ‘walk throughs’ each day to check it. After about 3 or 4 days I again rang the lady. She explained problems had returned before Christmas but she didn’t want to ring and pester me. But strangely, just 3 or 4 days ago she said things had all stopped again and all was quiet.  I was very happy.  Shortly after that the family moved and so I haven’t heard anything since.

Above is a plan of the property with the before and after lines drawn out. This is the first time (for this article) that I’ve actually drawn it out on paper.

So my conclusion, for people like me not adept at map dowsing on paper, why not take Canterbury Cathedral or Hadrian’s Wall or anywhere else, mark it in your garden or a local park, and dowse it with your rods – at any scale that’s convenient!   …………………  Happy Dowsing!                                                          Richard Sears – May 2020

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