A talk by Kate Smart 


Co creation and rewilding in the garden

Tuesday 10th March 2020 7.30p.m Red Lion, East Street, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7DD

Kate will be talking about how using an enchanted twig (or other dowsing tool) in your garden opens an ongoing dialogue with nature. In planning changes to the physical environment we should be working with the elementals, divas and plant energies that consider your garden their home. Kate will consider how our connection to the higher consciousness, enables us to tune into everything that’s just out of sight. In particular she will talk about her conversations with trees and how certain trees have messages for us.


About Kate

One of Kate’s earliest memories is playing in the family garden where she spent many hours. She delighted in stroking bees, picking flowers and trying to eat little light beings attached to plants. Her connectedness to the natural world has never left her and this has taken her on a voyage of enquiry and discovery; everyday something new and fascinating is there to be revealed. Born on the vernal equinox and dowsing from childhood using all kinds of everything she is now Chair of Malvern Dowsers, designs gardens in a holistic and biodynamic way having studied to be a landscape architect, keeps bees but not for the honey and has just started a Spirituality Special Interest Group to explore and deepen our understanding of the connection to the cosmic consciousness. She’s a member of the New Essenes (a group set up by Sir George Trevelyan who was instrumental in the Findhorn Project and the inception of the Soil Association), contributes to the Alister Hardy Trust that investigates spiritual experiences and has an insatiably curious mind.

She promotes designing in harmony with nature through her business Divine Gardens and her website is www.smartgardendesign.co.uk

Free to Devon Dowsers Members
£5 to Non-members

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