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Application to join Devon Dowsers

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES Individual membership: members receive written information, have free access to monthly meetings and may use the Devon Dowsers’ Library. They also have full voting rights. Combined membership: any two persons at the same address (under 16s included free). Will receive one set of written information, free access to monthly meetings and may use the Devon Dowsers’ Library. Both have voting rights and library cards. Family members over 16 years old have access to all information and free access to meetings, but no voting rights or library card. Junior membership: under 16, have access to monthly meetings but hold no voting rights or library card. Overseas/Distant membership: £12. Receive postal voting right but have no library card. Subscriptions are due in November.GENERAL MEMBERSHIP ENTITLEMENTS. Members do not pay to attend regular Group Meetings, may borrow books from the Library at no cost, and may bring Guests to a meeting for £5 each. Occasionally, a special Speaker may be engaged or a special event organised, for which an additional fee may be required to cover extra costs.Membership expires on 31 October each year.
Please ensure you have read our privacy policy before sending your membership form to us. It is important that you understand how Devon Dowsers will use the information that you send to us through this form. You can find our privacy policy under About this site on this website.


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