At the Village Hall, Spreyton, Crediton, Devon, EX17 5DP, on Sunday 21st July 2019

10.00 am for 10.30 am start, ending 3.30 pm

Refreshments will be provided but bring your own lunch.

Following the recent popularity and success of this Workshop, led by Ann Lodygowski in Ashburton, Devon, we are repeating it at Spreyton, which is a lovely village, just off the A30 near Whiddon Down, 11.5 miles east of Okehampton.

Ann first learnt to dowse as a teenager living in South Zeal, Dartmoor. She is a Professional Dowser, with over 60 years’ experience and she has used dowsing to assess and aid the healing of big and small animals all over the world.

Although she specialises in four-legged animals, primarily horses and dogs, she also dowses health issues for people. Ann has an international reputation, and is highly regarded in the dowsing world.

If you choose to attend one of Ann’s workshops, don’t expect a linear direction of travel. Ann picks up on clues and energies, which can head in just about any direction. You don’t need to bring your horse or goat, but please bring a small amount of mane, tail, or fur wrapped up so it doesn’t escape.

During the workshop Ann will guide participants through her assessment and healing process, with the use of dowsing, starting with learning to tune into flower remedies to know how the animal is feeling, then checking the skeletal and muscular systems to see where any aches and pains are located. Further checks include possible basic deficiencies in their diet, whether there is any geopathic or electropathic stress present affecting the animal’s health or behaviour, and finally what herbs might help them, or other remedial actions.

Participants will be advised to seek a veterinary surgeon’s advice about any concerns they have about an animal’s welfare. There is no intention to replace professional advice.

Application to attend

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