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…… for any questions you wish to ask us. When you do so, we will respond to your message as soon as possible. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Please ensure you have read our privacy policy before sending your message through our contact form. It is important that you understand how Devon Dowsers will use the information that you send to us through this form. You can find our privacy policy by clicking here.

From time to time, Devon Dowsers receives requests for the services of a dowser. If Devon Dowsers is able to find a dowser willing to help, it is to be hoped that a spirit of tolerance and understanding will be maintained, mindful that the dowser is trying to help and that, in many cases, all other means of discovery have failed.

In any case, Devon Dowsers must make the following disclaimer which is a legal necessity:

Devon Dowsers provides names of persons on the strict understanding that the Council or any group Members or any single Member thereof will in no sense assume responsibility for any loss damage or other detriment however caused which may occur to any person, persons or property acting on any advice suggestions or recommendations of a person introduced by Devon Dowsers and in their own interests persons using the services of a person introduced by Devon Dowsers must make their own enquiries regarding that persons experience and past success in the field in which his or her services are sought.

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