Devon Dowsers has their first ‘face to face’ talk (not a Zoom talk) at 2.00 pm on Sunday 10th October 2021 at Spreyton Village Hall with Peter Knight and Sue Wallace being the speakers.

‘Albion Dreamtime: Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons’

This powerpoint presentation is based on Sue and Peter’s full colour book about their journeying and experiences of 100 of Britain’s magical, natural sacred places, where they were gifted insights, chants and poetry. These included the original mythic sacred places of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, such as caves, waterfalls, rocky outcrops, lonely moors, places where they connected with the spirit of place. Sue and Peter advocate that we should visit these places today for personal growth and Earth healing. The presentation includes stunning images, live drumming, chanting and videos.

If you would like to attend please email by Wednesday 22nd September 2021

If you are not already a member of Devon Dowsers you are welcome to join us for this talk for a small charge.

More information about Peter and Sue can be found by clicking this link

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