Session 1 (7.00pm – 8.00pm Thursday 13th August 2020)



Dr Karen Stead – Dexter will be casting her magic and sharing her shamanic skills with Devon Dowsers’ members across two Zoom Sessions focusing on Plant/Tree Consciousness and Communication. Members will learn how to avail themselves of Plant Spirit Medicine.

These Zoom sessions are guaranteed to result in as many extraordinary tales as the Bird Spirit Medicine experience.

  • She will introduce the idea of plant/tree communication and how plants/trees are communicating all the time but we just don’t listen;
  • introduce the concept of ‘Doctrine of Signatures’ used by homeopaths, essence makers and plant spirit medicine practitioners – how a plant will look like an organ of the body, therefore providing medicine relating to that organ….she will give examples;
  • explain how she connects into Plant Spirit Medicine when she makes essences….she will give an example of the Californian Redwood;
  • introduce the steps needed to really meet a plant spirit…….asking permission, touch, sight, smell, felt sense, what can we do to help the plant in return;
  • how plants make us feel – give examples of how roses smell to get noticed, thereby gifting their medicine once we stick our noses into their blooms; and,
  • then open to the floor – Participants will need to have ready examples of how a particular plant or tree has had an impact on them.  Karen will then go through the plants in relation to what we have mentioned above, giving deeper meaning.

‘Homework’ to be set by Karen for those at Session 1

 Session 2 (7.00pm -8.00pm Thursday 3rd September 2020)

In Session 2, Karen will invite members to share their Homework communication experiences with plants and trees and provide feedback.

Gwynn Paulett August 2020.

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