About 30 years ago I remember reading an article about the Great Pyramids of Giza and how if you made a framework based on its shape and put perishable stuff in it like fruit it would keep for longer from going bad and rotting etc. The magic angle being quoted was easy to remember as it was 51֯  51’ ……I also vaguely remember a picture of what was like a breadboard made of plastic, but the top surface was knobbly and covered in 1cm high pyramids all over it, on which you could place your fruit.

For me I’ve always been aware that there is ‘energy’ in shape. Right from a young age if I ran my fingers down the inside corner of a room, close to it but without touching, I would feel a tingling sensation in my fingertips……which would feel different again from running them down the outside corner, like a fireplace or chimney breast.

So being in lockdown and the onset of winter too I thought I might put this pyramid shape to the test and see if it really can preserve fruit longer. (Although right from the beginning when I heard this I thought if it does work then why on earth would the Egyptians bother with mummifying bodies!).

So, in the shed I had a roll of galvanized fencing wire which I found devilishly difficult to cut and straighten into lengths, and almost giving up I thought….. I’ll just dowse to see if it was suitable and likely to work, to which it gave a resounding “yes.”

Good I thought – that’ll save me buying thin straight lengths of copper or steel off ebay. And with that got bending them in the vice …..till it was almost straight……then testing with trusty pendulum: “is this going to work if not perfectly straight” …..to which the answer was 92% yes……and if aligned Due North 97% yes.

(I asked direction because I remembered the three Pyramids at Giza are exactly aligned N/S …… and in plan resemble the 3 stars in Orion’s belt, and wondered if orientation added to the ‘power’).

Trawling the internet, I found the measurements in cubits and decided on a scale of 1 cubit to 1 cm; so my base square was a manageable 44 cm and height to apex of 28 cm that I could put a bowl or plate of fruit underneath. (and yes the tan of 256 over 220 is strangely 51֯ and 51 secs).

Then I went off to Lidl and was very careful to buy 6 similar juicy oranges in one netted bag, a bunch of 6 just yellow bananas, 6 good looking eating apples in one package, cellophane over etc., and 2 punets of green seedless grapes………… to continue reading click here

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