Presents a Talk by Medical Dowser



Ashburton Town Hall

Sunday 29th September 2019

at 2pm

Free to Members of Devon Dowsers

Non Members & Guests £5

No need to book – just turn up

Ashburton Town Hall is adjacent to the main car park in Ashburton which is free on Sundays. Post code TQ13 7QQ.


Sean will be talking about his long-standing conversations with “Dragons”, which are Earth energy currents like the Michael and Mary lines.  He sees these as rivers of consciousness, which influence evolution by carrying myth and legend which help to shape human behaviour.

Sean argues that Devon can been seen as an extraordinary nest of Dragons.  Dragons which have given rise to or are connected to world-renowned legends such as Arthur and the Grail as well as playing a part in the lives of Kings, Queens and heroic figures.

The intricate tracks of these Dragons across Devon will be revealed by Sean, with a unique analysis of their influence on special places such as Dartington Hall, Totnes and Buckfast Abbey revealing the extent of their interconnectedness.


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About Sean Ferris

I became a dowser thirty years ago in my teens when I suffered from a mystery illness and had to find a way back which didn’t involve the Allopathic methods that were failing me.  Eighteen years ago, I became a professional Medical Dowser, after training with the renowned health dowser Jack Temple – who wrote the books, The Healer and Medicine Man.

 I am also a keen Land Dowser and after a vision in my early 20’s have followed and documented an unfolding journey with Earth Energy lines throughout the South West of England and beyond. Please check out my blogs on my website for more details on Alchemy, Allergies and Earth Energies as well as Philosophical musings.

As a professional dowser, dowsing enables a detailed exploration of the body on many levels and allows me to constantly uncover more of its mysteries. I like to think of the work as a balanced mix of art and science. I use a structured approach with room to allow for a client’s own unique nature to be taken into account.

​My own contributions to health include a comprehensive understanding of the Gluten & Dairy intolerances which shows a far more widespread and serious problem than is generally understood and has wide-reaching health implications including being the basis for most Chronic Fatigue and ME and also for several life-threatening ailments.

 My investigations have also revealed some of the roles of the Precious Metals in the body.  This ‘Alchemy’ is a pattern that has shaped and still shapes human evolution and reveals a beautiful link between the body and the cosmos. Dowsing has also helped me develop a working knowledge of many pathogens which under the ‘microscope’ of the pendulum reveal many chronic infections that can stay undiagnosed and undetected for decades or even a lifetime.

I give talks and workshops on dowsing throughout the UK and now work through the internet reaching clients around the world.  I am a member of the British Society of Dowsers, giving lectures and workshops for the Society and also belong to the Dowsing Research Group.




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