Whilst Devon Dowsers are still unable to meet up as a group face to face, we remain connected over Zoom with Socials, Talks, Dowsing Development Groups and the new Video and Book Club. We have a Self Help tab on our website with links to various articles and ideas which our members/subscribers may like to explore.

This morning’s dowsing revealed the self help pages, that would be most beneficial to us at this time, please click on the links.

Have you thought about boosting your immunity?

Dowse to boost your immunity

Caz Donovan shares how to clear energy blockages in the body

Clearing Energy Blockages In The Body

You can sign up to this website Sounds True to receive 7 FREE brief lessons to different energy practices which will be emailed to you.


Lark ascending‘ by Vaughan Williams played by Nigel Kennedy

Lark Ascending

Sally shared the words of White Eagle which are very inspiring, and a timely reminder not to allow us to get pulled down by all the negativity around.

Hopi Indian White Eagle

The contributions to this page were gathered during the earlier part of the year and we are welcoming any further articles that you would like to share please email jane@devondowsers.org.uk

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