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This will be held at the Ruishton Inn, Ruishton, Taunton TA3 5JW

Cost will be £27.44 (inc booking fee) for members of Somerset Dowsers and £37.90 (inc booking fee) for non-members to include lunch. Please see Workshops for booking details.


0900 Registration

0930-1030 Jane Court

Psychic Protection – do you know who you are travelling with on the psychic highway?

Jane is a holistic therapist and dowser with wide ranging experience within the complementary therapy environment specifically concentrating on working with energy. I am chair of the International Association of Health Dowsers (IAHD), a former registered tutor with the BSD and currently a Trustee and Treasurer of the BSD.

We will investigate and debate many aspects of psychic protection including the appropriateness and the where, when, why and how questions that invariably arise whenever this subject is on the agenda.

Protection is a topic that would appeal to dowsers, energy workers and therapists alike. Everyone is susceptible at some level to picking up energies and entities whether from clients in our workplace or as we go about our day to day activities.

1030-1100 Coffee Break

1100-1200 Heather Stevenson

Dowsing for Mental Health

Heather has a degree in Civil Engineering and spent 15 years working in the construction industry.

After the birth of her 3 children, she left construction, for the much more stressful task of child rearing!!

Since then, she has spent many years honing her dowsing skills, dowsing predominantly for

Earth Energies and for health. She has also developed her great interest in health, psychology and the role of complementary energy therapies in supporting physical and mental wellbeing.

Heather is a professional dowser, a qualified Life Coach, NLP practitioner and is a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

As a complementary therapist, her qualifications include Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Source Energy Healing and SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy).

Heather lives in rural Oxfordshire and spends her free time dowsing and roaming the countryside.

More and more people are suffering from mental health issues and even if the symptoms are relatively mild, the impact on the sufferer’s quality of life and on their family and friends can be significant. Problems such as anxiety, depression, constant tiredness, etc. can make it hard to function and can sap all enjoyment from life.

Mental health difficulties don’t usually arise from a single cause; the symptoms can build up slowly, un-observed, until something (possibly very minor) occurs, tipping the balance and causing an overload. At this stage it becomes very difficult to cope.

Underlying causes are wide ranging and are person specific. In addition to emotional trauma and stress, physical factors and lifestyle choices often play a significant part. In the physical body, for example, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, heavy metal build up and adverse reaction to medication can all have a serious impact on mental health.

Dowsing is a useful tool in the investigation and identification of underlying contributors to mental imbalance. Developing an awareness of our individual stressors, physical imbalances and detrimental lifestyle choices provides us with information. We can then use this information to make positive adjustments to our behaviours, thereby reducing the overall strain on our mental health.

The workshop will include dowsing our own individual stressors so please bring a pendulum if you wish to actively participate in this part of the session.

1200-1230 Q & As from morning sessions

1230-1330 Lunch. A one course roast lunch is included in the cost of the workshop. Veggie and vegan options available. Please identify your choice at Registration.

1330-1430 Tosh Brittan

Mindful Awareness for the Modern World

Tosh is a qualified mindfulness teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and wellbeing coach. She has additional qualifications as a colour spiritual healer and is a BCMA member. She is a blogger, speaker and energy mindset coach who is passionate about empowering people to live a more stress-free and balanced, confident and happier life

Mindful awareness is being open and present with oneself, the true self that exists under the many layers of the modern world and the present human existence. The time is now, to come back to, reconnect and be with who you are, to improve your relationships at home or work, your physical, mental and emotional health, daily living including eating, moving, talking and listening. Tosh will be sharing with you practices during the session and guiding an activity to demonstrate the power of the mind that takes us away from our awareness that allows us to live with more joy, to flourish and grow.

1430-1500 Tea Break

1500-1600 Sare Doughty-Bassett

That’s just what I needed!

Sare Doughty Bassett is an earth energy dowser and kinesiologist working with traditional medicine and therapies to help support the health, positive energy and emotional healing of others. Her practice is based in Surrey/London and worldwide via

Sare will talk about the crossovers between kinesiology and dowsing techniques; the ways they link together to help us find and work with substances and support systems that are beneficial to vitality or have personal healing properties. She will also talk on measuring scales of time, vibration and frequency, how these are reflected in developing our own personal menu for harmony and health.

Sare will demonstrate testing using bio resonance Kinesiology and show you how to replicate this with dowsing techniques. We will practice dowsing beneficial substances and potential life style changes and how well they work for us. Feel free to bring essential oils, crystals, minerals, vitamins etc which we can test on the day and Sare will bring some substances and lists to test as well.

1630 Q&As from afternoon sessions.

1700 Close


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