Speaker booking contract

Thank you for agreeing to give your talk to Devon Dowsers at the Function Room at the Red Lion Hotel, East Street, Chulmleigh, EX18 7DD.

Please complete and submit the form below to confirm the details about your talk. This will enable us to publicise your talk, prepare the equipment you need, and also ensure that you are paid in full (by cheque) on the night. If you require an official remittance advice from Devon Dowsers, please email your invoice to the treasurer as instructed below and indicate you need this remittance advice.

Please submit any photos you have that can be used to publicise your talk to webmaster@devondowsers.org.uk

Every section with a red asterisk HAS to be completed or you will not be able to submit this form. After submitting this form you will see a confirmation message. Please read the information in the confirmation message.

After you have submitted it, the speaker bookings secretary will check your contract and then email it back to you, so you can keep a copy of this agreement between yourself and Devon Dowsers.

The contract below needs to be completed online and submitted by clicking on ‘submit’ at the end of the form.

Please include both your home and mobile numbers if available.
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