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Thank you for agreeing to give your talk to Devon Dowsers at the Function Room at the Red Lion Hotel, East Street, Chulmleigh, EX18 7DD.

Please complete and submit the form below to confirm the details about your talk. This will enable us to publicise your talk, prepare the equipment you need, and also ensure that you are paid in full (by cheque) on the night. If you require an official remittance advice from Devon Dowsers, please email your invoice to the treasurer as instructed below and indicate you need this remittance advice.

Please submit any photos you have that can be used to publicise your talk to [email protected]

Every section with a red asterisk HAS to be completed or you will not be able to submit this form. After submitting this form you will see a confirmation message. Please read the information in the confirmation message.

After you have submitted it, the speaker bookings secretary will check your contract and then email it back to you, so you can keep a copy of this agreement between yourself and Devon Dowsers.

The contract below needs to be completed online and submitted by clicking on ‘submit’ at the end of the form.

Please give at least one phone number we can contact you on. If possible, please include your mobile phone number.
This information will be used to publicise your talk in the Devon Dowsers magazine, website and Facebook page. Please also supply one or more appropriate photos to [email protected] as soon as possible. Please make this description of your talk as relevant to dowsers as possible.
Please add your website and any other internet sites that can be used to gather information to publicise your talk.
In addition to listing equipment you need us to provide, please add any further relevant comments you have in this box.
Please reconfirm the date of your talk, as agreed with the Speaker booking secretary.
Please reconfirm what expenses, if any, Devon Dowsers has agree to pay.
Any invoices should be sent to the Treasurer: [email protected] - you will receive the agreed payment in full as a cheque on the evening after your talk, whether you submit an invoice or not. Some speakers require an official remittance advice for tax purposes. If you indicate you need this here, it will be given to you together with your cheque on the night of your talk.
Please add today's date.
Please type your name or add your electronic signature to confirm your agreement to this contract.
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Dowsing is a means of searching, not using our normal senses, and can be done on site as well as remotely (e.g. map and information dowsing). It is an ethical activity used for the greater good. Devon Dowsers welcomes those who have a fascination for this ancient art, and who wish to share their experiences with other open-minded members.

We always welcome new members, so please see our current programme  and come to a meeting to check us out. To learn more,  get in touch through our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.






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“Dowsing for One and All”

DFEST 2020 will take place at South Zeal, Devon, UK on the weekend of 13th/14th June.
With 2020 vision, we aim to build on the success of DFEST 2018.

Booking available from Spring 2020

South Zeal, is a beautiful village on the northern edge of Dartmoor in Devon. The festival will be a celebration of Dowsing that will be inspiring, fun and open to all, novices and experts alike. Children are also welcome as long as accompanied by a responsible adult.
You can come for one day or for the whole weekend. Talks and Workshops will take place in the Victory Hall and within the village, for those who choose not to venture further. Outings will visit fascinating ancient sites on North Dartmoor, local Holy Wells and sites where the Michael and Mary currents run. Learn from expert leaders, and professional dowsers.
Local accommodation is available as well as a camping field behind one of the two excellent village pubs. Further information will become available in the near future.