Stone Circles and their Manifestation
A presentation to the Trencrom, Devon, Tamar,
Somerset and Thames Valley Dowsing Groups

By Nigel Twinn

‘There’s a lot going on at a stone circle’. That was the core message of this talk by Maria Wheatley – daughter of the late author Denis Wheatley, and inheritor of the chain of information that has flowed from the seminal earth energy dowser, Guy Underwood.

Although Maria’s examples were mainly drawn from her home site – the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire – in essence, the power of the energy patterns she was describing should apply to any of the stone circles in the UK.

The most ancient megaliths in Cumbria and Scotland seem to be particularly energetic, and the more complete circles, such as the largely intact Swinside ring in Cumbria, retain their original function to a greater extent. However, even largely ruinous former circles retain at least some of their former potential prowess.

Concentric rings of anything – particularly circles of standing stones, but also of salt (as used in occult practices) and even a circle drawn on paper with a compass – can propagate subtle energy, the energy of shape, which is so crucial to reiki and similarly visualised activities.

We can all sense this type of energy by walking into a stone (or other) circle and crossing the concentric hoops one by one – female/male, negative/positive lunar/solar, alternating from band to band however you prefer to sense or to work with them……..To continue reading click here

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