The 2018 Programme

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Talks, Outings and Events
Meetings take place from September to May (excl. December)
at 7.30pm in the Function Room at the

Red Lion Hotel
East Street
EX18 7DD

Outings and Events take place in the summer months

Members may bring Guests to Talks and Events for £5 each
Non Members – £5

Tues. 9th January Gwynn Paulett – Talk – “Did Julius Caesar cross my lawn?”  A day in the life of a Dowser.

As a dowser one can be asked to dowse for a wide range of subjects and this talk explores a number of requests. The focus will be on the challenge of framing accurate dowsing questions; the ability to get one’s ego out of the way and be unattached to the outcome of one’s dowsing; and how having received a dowsing response we make sense of it either through some research or listening to the anecdotes of others involved with the subject.

Areas included will be dowsing for water; finding water courses and water mains; remanence of armies and historical characters; searching for graves on the American prairie; crop circles in North Dakota; locating and dating tunnels and their original use; moving on trapped souls and locating detrimental energies in a garden; working with psychic chords; planting out a garden using dowsing; changing energies in water; honouring Guardians of places; and, “losing” your rods.

Tues. 13th February Paul Rendell – Dartmoor Guide. Talk – Hairy Hands, Devils and Black Dogs

Witches, devils, hairy hands and wild animals can all be found in this talk which is about legends and folklore on Dartmoor. See –

Tues. 13th March Ann Lodygowski Talk – Animal Communication
A return visit by this popular speaker. Amongst other things Ann will talk about herbs and acupressure points to help our animals.

Sat. 17th March Paul Rendell – Dartmoor Guide. Dowsing at Bellever near Postbridge, Dartmoor
We will be meeting at 10.30am for an easy 2 mile walk to Bellever where we will search for undiscovered ancient archaeological remains.

Saturday 24th March ‘Lightfest’ MBS Fair, Padbrook Park, Cullompton
We will be having our stand here and teaching people how to dowse.

April DDinD Workshop on “Water Dowsing” – nr. Tiverton, date to be confirmed.

Tues. 10th April Janet Daynes. Talk – Researching Moistown

This presentation by Janet Daynes (a dowser and archaeologist) is an update to a talk she gave us back in 2012. Then, Devon Dowsers were invited to take part in the Moistown Archaeology Project by dowsing for walls at the site. This was carried out in 2013 before any geophysics or excavation took place.  Since then ACE Archaeology  Club has done both and more dowsing!  Although ACE has not finished excavating, the results so far are intriguing.

Saturday / Sunday Wilderness Weekend, RHS Rosemoor, Great Torrington
14-15th April Once again we will be demonstrating dowsing at this event.

Friday /Saturday Toby Buckland’s Garden Festival
27-28th April Powderham Castle, Kenton, nr. Exeter – 10 to 5pm.
Demonstrating dowsing to Festival visitors. See

Saturday International Dowsing Day
5th May Visit to Shobrooke Holy Well & Cadbury Castle, near Tiverton

Tues. 8th May Chris Hytch
Talk – Evidence for Past Lives, and how Dowsing Techniques Help in Verification
This presentation will cover the current evidence for reincarnation, as documented in the work of academics and researchers, and also in the world’s belief systems. Examples of case studies of the speaker’s own, and others, past-life regression sessions will be given. For more information see

Sunday 20th May Introduction to Dowsing Course at Spreyton Village Hall with Gwynn Paulett – £25

June DDinD Workshop on “Building Labyrinths”
Date and location to be confirmed.

June 23rd/24th at South Zeal near Okehampton
A two day festival of Dowsing in conjunction with Somerset Dowsers to include talks, workshops, and outings on Dartmoor with experienced Leaders etc. Camping available. Buffet lunch available both days. More details to follow.Watch the ‘Latest News’ on this website for booking forms etc.

Sat. 30th June Coldridge Village Fair – demonstrating dowsing at this popular Fair.

Sunday 8th July Trip to Stonehenge and area with Don Bryan – £5
Some of us plan to go a day early and visit Avebury and surrounding area on the Saturday. A list of nearby campsites and B&B’s available nearer the time.

August Return visit to St. Nectan’s Glen & Rocky Valley
Date and details to be confirmed

September (TBC) Dowsing at Folly Gate near Okehampton
Using dowsing to search for a D4 Caterpillar bulldozer which was buried in 1950 in a 26 acre field!

Sunday 2nd September Rural Skills Day at Finch Foundry, Sticklepath
We will be having our stand here and teaching people how to dowse.

Tues. 11th September Linda Prenter. Talk – Water Dowsing
Linda is interested in all aspects of dowsing, but water is so important for life and therefore her main focus at present. She has been working with Peter Golding, one of the top Water Diviners in the UK, as his apprentice for about 5 years and working as a team they have had many adventures together! She has been dowsing since 2003 and is a part time professional Dowser, using it in her daily life as a very useful decision making tool, learning to trust her dowsing and stop worrying about what the future holds.

Sat. 22nd September ‘Lightfest’ MBS Fair, Padbrook Park, Cullompton
We will be having our stand here and teaching people how to dowse.

Tues. 9th October Dr. Andrew Tresidder. Talk – ‘Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Health’
Electricity has made a phenomenal difference to our lives and technology can be wonderful, but many of us are almost addicted to our devices. However, current UK safety limits for Transmitting Technology (RF, Wi-fi, Microwave etc) are based solely upon six minute heating effects – not on any other proven biological effects. Elsewhere in the world it is a different picture. Many people sleep and feel better if they make simple changes to reduce the ‘electrosmog’ present in their houses and elsewhere. A few people can be severely affected (electro-sensitivity). This talk will aim to inform you about some of the processes that happen, and give you information so that you can make informed choices.

Tues. 13th November Maria Wheatley / Nigel Twinn 

The Maria Wheatley talk has had to be postponed. Instead Nigel Twinn, chairman of Tamar Dowsers for the last 16 years, dowser, author, and winner of the prestigious BSD Billy Gawn award, will talk about ‘The Linear Landscape – Long Straight Lines in the Ether’.
All dowsers find various straight flows and currents when they are out in the field which is confusing. Nigel will discuss the difference, significance and even existence of many types of linear feature. Ley lines will be mentioned but there is much more to earth energy dowsing to discover..

Tues. 27th November – AGM

Tues. 11th December Devon Dowsers Christmas Dinner

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23 & 24 June 2018

South Zeal, Devon

As the nights draw in and winter approaches, we can look back to June’s sunshine and reflect on the success of DFest, the first South West Dowsing Festival. Over 100 people attended and used the evaluation form to share how much they had enjoyed the weekend. It was a chance to dowse at some of Dartmoor’s iconic sites, to listen to engaging speakers, and to attend fascinating Dowsing Workshops.

A digital souvenir report is available HERE and under the Activities menu. We hope this will provide you with enjoyable memories and provide inspiration with your dowsing throughout the winter months.