2019 programme

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This programme will be updated as and when new information becomes available.

Unless otherwise stated, Talks will take place from September to May (excl. December) at 7.30 pm in the Function Room at the Red Lion Hotel, East Street, Chulmleigh, EX18 7DD.

Field trips and Events take place in the summer months.

Members may bring guests to Talks for £5 each.  Guests and Non-members £5


Tuesday 8th Talk: Mindscapes’ with Peter Knight. Peter’s talk is based on his book ‘Dartmoor Mindscapes: Re-visioning a Sacred Landscape’ about Dartmoor’s tors, stone rows and stone circles, and how to connect with landscapes on a deeper level.


Tuesday 12th Talk: Past life regression’ with Chris Hytch. Practice examples and the accompanying healing process, plus a demonstration of some esoteric uses of dowsing.
Sunday 24th Workshop: ‘Colour healing’, led by Ann Lodygowski – £25 – in The Chambers Room, Ashburton Town Hall. FULLY BOOKED.


Saturday 2nd Workshop: Discover Dowsing in Devon – ‘Dartington Hall Gardens’, led by Gwynn Paulett.
Tuesday 12th Talk: Elementals’ with Adrian Incledon-Webber. Adrian will identify various groups of elementals, how we can recognise their presence and how to connect with them to benefit us, our homes and gardens. He will also explain how they can become trapped in our homes, the sort of problems that they can cause us and our pets and, importantly, how to rescue them.
Sunday 31st Course: ‘Introduction to Dowsing’ at Spreyton led by Gwynn Paulett. FULLY BOOKED


Tuesday 9th Talk:   The elongated long-skulled people of Stonehenge’ with Maria Wheatley. Using dowsing, Maria was drawn to a particular long barrow on the Salisbury Plain. She began to research the person that was buried within the sanctity of the mound and discovered the person was a woman. Tracking the skull down to one of Britain’s most prestigious universities, Maria noted she had a long elongated skull and she was probably a high queen or high priestess of Neolithic Stonehenge. Were these the people that first laid out the ley system of the British Isles? The forgotten history of her long-lost civilisation unfolds with more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel but, as we know, fact is often far stranger than fiction …
Saturday 13th Field trip: ‘A return to Bellever’, led by Dartmoor Guide Paul Rendell.
Sunday 28th Workshop: ‘Communication with animals and healing’, led by Ann Lodygowski – £30 – in The Chambers Room, Ashburton Town Hall. FULLY BOOKED.


Fri/Sat 3rd & 4th Event: Devon Dowsers will have a stand at Toby Buckland’s ‘Gardenfest’ at Powderham Castle.
Sunday 5th Field trip: In line with other dowsing groups in the south west, this year we are celebrating hill tops, the BSD theme of ‘Working with Trees’ as well as the Michael Earth Energy Line for International Dowsing Day at Cadbury Castle (near Crediton). Meet up at 11.30, have a picnic lunch, dowse, dance, drum, sing, and end the day with a BBQ.
Sunday 12th Field trip: Stonehenge Circle & Walk with Don Bryan. FULLY BOOKED.
Tuesday 14th Talk: Herbal medicine’ with Ile Ashcroft (URHP). Ile is a Western Medical Herbalist who has been practising from her clinic in Crediton since 2009. She also trains students of herbal medicine and is a director of the Betonica Medical Herbalist Training Programme. She lives in Mid-Devon and wherever possible gathers local plants (mostly from organic farms or gardens nearby and which are often common weeds!) to use in her pharmacy to treat her patients. Herbal – or Plant – Medicine is a natural way to treat many disorders. It uses the whole plant, rather than the isolated or synthetically produced chemicals that are generally employed in modern drugs, to treat the whole person, and works on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can be used to great effect in both acute and chronic conditions, and is often used alongside conventional medicine (under the guidance of a qualified practitioner). Ile will talk about the use of plants as medicine both in an historic context and their application and use now. As May is an especially busy time for foraging herbalists, she will bring plenty of examples to examine and discuss, and talk about locally abundant herbs you can use for some common ailments. She will also show you how to prepare simple herbal medicines for safely treating family and friends.


Saturday 1st Workshop: Discover Dowsing in Devon – ‘Labyrinths’ led by Steve Bolt and Gwynn Paulett. On Dawlish Warren Beach, starting at 10.30, followed by barbeque. FULLY BOOKED.
Saturday 15th Event: Spreyton Village Fayre. We will have our stand here and show people how to dowse. POSTPONED – NEW DATE TO BE CONFIRMED.
Friday 21st Field trip: Solstice visit to Scorhill and other Dartmoor stone circles led by Alan Murray and Jo Rowe-Leete. Meet at Scorhill Stone circle at 7 pm, MEMBERS ONLY.


Sunday 7th Field trip: Rough Tor, Camelford. Ancient sites earth energy dowsing. Meet in Rough Tor car park at 12 noon. Members and their guests only. Members free, guests £3.
Sunday 21st Workshop: ‘Communication with animals and healing’, led by Ann Lodygowski – £30 – at the Village Hall, Spreyton, Crediton, Devon, EX17 5DP. Click here to apply.


Sunday 18th Field trip: Dowsing Holy Wells and other sites in South East Cornwall (Halton Quay) led by Derek and Mary Scofield.


Sunday 1st Event: Finch Foundry, Sticklepath: Rural Skills & Crafts Fair, 11 am to 4 pm.
Once again we will be having our stand at this event to show and teach people how to dowse.
Tuesday 10th   Talk: Crystals‘ with Caz Donovan. Caz will talk about the nature and properties of crystals and their dowsing applications. She will look at their use in history, how and where they form, and how to find your own personal crystal by looking at the structure, mineralogy and colour of the stone. We will learn how to tune into, dowse and explore the potential of crystals using crystal nets, and much more.
Sunday 29th Talk: The Earth Energies of Devon: the South Hams Nexus‘ with Sean Ferris. This talk will take place at 2 pm in Ashburton Town Hall.


Tuesday 8th Talk:  ‘Medicine wheels’ with Heather Darwin. Heather will address the history of the Medicine Wheel – why, how and by whom they are used. She will talk about Shamanism plus her experience of creating and activating a Medicine Wheel and what she has learnt from it. Ile was formerly a business woman in the aviation industry and currently farms on a small scale raising sheep and cattle without using antibiotics. She is an accomplished healer and animal communicator.
Sunday 20th Course: ‘Introduction to Dowsing’ at Ashburton Town Hall, led by Gwynn Paulett (£30). To apply, click here.


Sunday 10th Workshop: ‘Diet and nutrition’ led by medical dowser Sean Ferris. This is the first in a series of three linked workshops to be held at Ashburton Town Hall. Starting at 10 for 10.30. Details and application form to come.
Tuesday 12th Talk: Andy Burnham, the editor of the world’s largest megalithic website – “Megalithic Portal” – will be our speaker. His book “The Old Stones” was voted 2019 Archaeology Book of the Year.
Tuesday 26th AGM  


Tuesday 10th Event: Christmas dinner at Tom Cobley Inn, Spreyton
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23 & 24 June 2018

South Zeal, Devon

We can look back to last June’s sunshine and reflect on the success of DFest, the first South West Dowsing Festival. Over 100 people attended and used the evaluation form to share how much they had enjoyed the weekend. It was a chance to dowse at some of Dartmoor’s iconic sites, to listen to engaging speakers, and to attend fascinating Dowsing Workshops.

A digital souvenir report is available HERE. We hope this report will provide you with enjoyable memories and provide inspiration for your dowsing throughout the months ahead.