The Solstice and Exact Planetary Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter 

This phenomenon happens every 20 years. This year it may be considered more significant. This is the closest they have been in 800 years. You may also get treated to the Ursid meteor shower on the same night.

The pair will begin to shine brightly shortly after Sunset on December 21st, being Winter Solstice, you can expect that at the extremely early time of 3.54pm GMT, continuing to shine for around two hours after 6pm when the UK’s positioning on Earth will have turned away from them.

You could dowse to see if you are facing the correct way, (SW horizon) or look at the Moon, which will only be half full, and then for the bright object above it.

I am no astrologer, but I do feel that this is a significant moment in time.  Both are considered transpersonal planets, less associated with self but more involved with interaction with others

Jupiter represents the way we expand ourselves. This is often gained by the accumulation of experience, encouraging us to expand the horizons of the mind beyond limits. It is also indicative of our religious and philosophical beliefs. It traditionally influences laws, business, and financial affairs. Jupiter is the impulse for growth, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Saturn represents authority. It is the planet of learning, to form structures and define limits to ensure lessons are well learned.

This great conjunction sets the tone for the next 20 years, affecting almost everything. This also takes place in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign of innovation, humanitarianism, and independence, where it has not been since the start of the renaissance in 1405. For the past 200 years the conjunctions have taken place in earth signs which have been very grounding.

Jupiter is growth, Saturn is restriction, and Aquarius is invention. With all these at work, balancing life and the ability to be enthusiastic or restrained where necessary, I am remaining optimistic and hopeful that positive change is on the horizon.

Jane Taylor December 2020

Please feel free to email with your winter solstice pictures.

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